How to Go Incognito on YouTube

Are you thinking of how to go incognito on YouTube? It’s a good idea, but you don’t want people to know you’re there. There are a couple of ways to hide your identity while watching YouTube videos. The first is to never, ever reveal your identity or location in your video description or title. You can’t say “I’m at my friend’s backyard enjoying the BBQ with my friends” if your location is actually down the street. This is very misleading and annoying for viewers.

The second way to hide your location is to use the browser’s cache. When you visit YouTube and open an existing video, the browser will cache it for future reference. Each time you visit the site, the cache will load another video. If you watch one that is already stored, you’ll see the previous video. So when you visit the site this time, your browser will load the new one and your account will be marked as watched. Clever, huh?

Hiding your IP address was already covered

Of course, the question of how to go incognito on YouTube still has to be answered. While hiding your IP address was already covered, what else can you do? Well, here are some things you can try if you still want to know how to go incognito on YouTube.

First of all, you can clear your history. Every time you visit the site, YouTube will keep download youtube go for pc windows 7 track of which videos you’ve watched and viewed. You probably know this already but clearing your history removes all the videos. Unless you hide them yourself, you’ll see them every time you open up YouTube. You may also want to take the trouble to clear your cache.

If you’re a good browser hacker, you may be able to go through your cache and delete the cache file. But if you’re not, or you don’t think you can, there are other alternatives. First of all, you can just download a free registry cleaner software to scan and repair your computer. After installation, you’ll see how to go incognito on YouTube again. It’s that easy.

Of course, you can always use the proxy server software. You connect through an IP address instead of your real name. With a proxy server, you don’t have to reveal your true IP address. This makes for the perfect solution for those who have been compromised by anonymous users.

Wide range of free tools for doing this

Or, you can just use a good password to hide your IP. There’s a wide range of free tools for doing this, and they vary in effectiveness. The best thing to try is “courage” – a freely available tool that can hide your IP address. There are even some commercial IP hiding software programs that advertise the ability to hide your IP address for a fee. If you want to go incognito on YouTube with complete privacy, you should take advantage of these programs.

In any case, you should keep in mind that you should never trust anyone on the Internet. Don’t give anyone access to your real identity, nor the information that may be associated with that identity. And while you may feel comfortable watching videos on YouTube without revealing your real IP address, that comfort is only short-lived. Once YouTube clips become publicly accessible, your real identity will be plastered everywhere on the Web, including on the video site where you watched those YouTube videos. And that’s just not safe.

So, you should really think twice about watching videos on YouTube. And by “think,” I don’t just mean “think deeply and consider your options.” Instead, you should really think about how much your real IP address would be revealed by sites that offer free video hosting. I’ve already discussed the privacy concerns related to free video hosting. Now let’s move on to some more practical solutions.

The easiest way to go incognito on YouTube is to visit the individual websites that allow viewers to watch YouTube without having to reveal their IP addresses. This includes not only sites like YouTube, but also sites like Hulu and Facebook. When you’re at these websites, all you have to do is go to the video section, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click “allow all users” to hide your IP address. This works on all of the major sites, and it’s completely free. It’s also a great way to save money.

As an added bonus, you can even use this same method on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The difference between the two is that you can’t hide your IP address while using social networking. Instead, you can click the link below the video player to share the videos you’re viewing on your social networking profiles. It’s a small solution to a long standing problem.


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