How to develop eCommerce website 2021

How to develop eCommerce website 2021

Every area of our life is affected by the internet. It’s utilized for social connection, entertainment, employment, and research, among other things. We also use it to go shopping. A whole generation of adults has never known a world without the internet. The digital marketing company in Singapore will continue to grow as they and future generations spend more money. Currently, 43% of consumers use the internet and social media to research products before purchasing, and to develop eCommerce website sales in the United States are expected to reach $476 billion by 2024. 

Developing and launching a company concept may be a difficult or, at the very least, time-consuming process. Fortunately, understanding how to develop eCommerce website platform is simple. Modern eCommerce systems are both cost-effective and user-friendly, enabling you to create a bespoke website for your eCommerce business fast and simply. 

Furthermore, most eCommerce platforms provide the plug-and-play capability for key aspects like secure payments, shipping, and marketing, so you won’t need any coding knowledge to build a professional-looking eCommerce platform Singapore website. 

Step 1: Select and register a domain name 

Your domain, often known as a URL, is your online address if you’re new to developing eCommerce website growth. This is the address of your digital marketing company in Singapore on the internet, as well as the phrase that customers enter into the search box to find it. 

For both branding and general success, choosing the right domain name is crucial. Choose a business and domain name that is as similar as feasible to the product or service you provide. You can guarantee that your consumers understand what you provide right away by adding descriptive keywords or key phrases into your company and domain name. You’ll also boost your search engine ranks, which is important for any SEO strategy. 

If you sell organic honey, for example, you should look for domain names that include the term “organic honey,” such as You may also go to if you’re in the industry of selling personalized pet collars. Finally, if you operate a specialized business, creating a keyword-focused eCommerce website name is very easy. Are you interested in learning more? Our step-by-step guide to building an eCommerce website will show you how to build an eCommerce platform and start selling online. 

Step 2: Select an online store platform 

Your eCommerce platform Singapore portal is your website’s online home, and you have many options. There are both virtually free eCommerce shops powered by WordPress and free eCommerce sites with restricted capabilities. Ordinary website builders may either incorporate or develop eCommerce website platform features. You may also utilize a specialized eCommerce platform that allows you to build your site as much as you like. 

Step 3: Create and launch an online store 

The next stage is to develop eCommerce website once you’ve chosen an eCommerce platform. 

Imagery and brand identity 

All Singapore eCommerce platform software enables you to design a basic style logo or utilize one of Canva’s free logo templates. In addition, Canva provides royalty-free pictures that you may use to promote your website quickly. Your own branded pictures, on the other hand, will convey your narrative more successfully. Homemade mobile phone pictures are quite effective for this when done properly, so give them a go. 

Posts on the blog 

Blogging is a great method to provide continuous content and improve the search engine rankings of your eCommerce website. Blog postings, when done properly, maybe an important component of strategies for a digital marketing company in Singapore. To enhance the efficacy of your efforts, you may reuse this material forever via social media platforms and email marketing. 

Step 4: Configure payment, taxation, shipping, and marketing tools

The eCommerce platform you choose will influence how you handle these activities while building your eCommerce platform Singapore website. Payment processing, tax calculations, shipping label printing, and digital marketing tools are all included with BigCommerce and Shopify, for example. To accomplish these tasks, the bulk of others need the integration of a few third-party systems. 

Payment processing and tax table setup 

All of the aforementioned eCommerce website platforms work smoothly with major payment systems like Square, PayPal, and Stripe. Shopify Payments is Shopify’s payment processing system. To enable payment processing via these solutions, just click a few buttons, create an account, and you’re connected. 

You may also connect your payment gateway and merchant account with the majority of eCommerce platforms. Built-in and plug-and-play payment systems, on the other hand, are the most simple and frequently least costly options for companies. 

Step 5: Complete the testing and launch of your eCommerce website 

The last stage to develop eCommerce website platform is to process a few test orders. Although each digital marketing company in Singapore conducts testing differently, they all enable you to make a few test orders prior to launch. These orders start a connection with your payment processor but do not charge your wallet. 

You’re ready to open for business if you’ve successfully submitted a few test orders—or repaired any problems you found while browsing around your digital marketing company in Singapore. 

Developing an eCommerce website platform does not, of course, guarantee instant revenue. It will take time for search engines to find and index your new online shop. By authenticating your new eCommerce shop in Google’s Search Console and submitting an XML sitemap, which most eCommerce systems offer, you may speed up the process. 


It is now easier than ever to develop eCommerce website. Setting up an internet shop a decade ago required considerable technical know-how as well as numerous integrations to guarantee that everything functioned correctly. Modern platforms, on the other hand, make the process more efficient. 

A successful eCommerce website is so much more than a storefront. A business may use this space to create an experience that strengthens its brand, attracts new consumers, and converts casual shoppers into brand ambassadors. Digital Solutions will be your ideal partner when it comes to implementing an eCommerce platform and creating a marketing strategy for your online shop. For further details, please contact us right away.

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