Many car enthusiasts do not ascribe significance to selecting Tires for their car, even though your comfort and safety depend on the correct choice of Tires. In this article, we will guide you through buying Tires for your new or already existing car. Just by the way, if you have not yet learned how to drive, register at a driving school. It’s worth it!

To begin with, we want to give general recommendations for installing Tires on a car: 

  • Do not allow installation of different models and different types of Tires on separate wheels of the car – this affects the safety and serviceability of the car’s parts.
  • In case if the set of Tires has a different degree of Tire wear (usually happens in pairs), the drive axle is necessary to put a “fresh” set.
  • Most four-wheel-drive vehicles do not allow the installation of Tires of different sizes on different axles – this is fraught with transmission breakdown.
  • Constantly change Tires according to the season.
  • Make sure that the Tires are correctly installed at the Tire service: the arrow next to the word Rotate should point in the direction of the wheel rotation when driving forward, and the word Outside should be read on the sidewall.
  • Watch the Tire pressure: the rate is usually shown on a plate in the driver’s door opening and the vehicle’s manual.
  • Replace the worn-out Tires on time.
  • Do not purchase Tires manufactured more than a year ago.
  • Choose the accurate Tires – they are essential when driving the car.


To begin with, settle on the dimension. Well then, how do you do that?

Look at the size of Tires fixed on the automobile at the factory or look in the owner’s manual.

  • if you require more comfort, choose a Tire with a more extensive profile.
  • for more reliable handling and stability, choose a Tire with a smaller profile.
  • If you’re going to fit larger wheels on your car (for example, 17 inches instead of 16), then to maintain the outer diameter of the wheel, you will have to pick a rubber with a lower profile. You can use numerous “Tire calculators” on the Internet for calculations.

Pro-tip: Whichever vehicle you buy, make sure you equip it with the corresponding Tires. For example, suppose you own a big 4×4 or decide to buy it, choose wheels from the best Tires for a large SUV.

Next, decide on the driving conditions:

  • If regular driving on wet or greasy roads is planned, then it is more helpful to choose rain models with many lamella grooves that drain water from the contact patch.
  • If you need ordinary city driving, then low-noise rubber with minimal rolling resistance and high wear resistance is suitable.
  • Finally, look at the wear index: if it is less than 280, then this Tire is more likely to be classified as semi-sporty and sporty.
  • If more than 280, then the Tire belongs to the universal civilian.


Nearly all the above about summer Tires is also true for winter Tires. Below are just the specific of choosing Tires respectively for the winter period. 

The main question is: studded or non-studded? 

It depends on the driver’s preference and driving conditions. If we take two models of Tires from among the best on the market, one with studs and the other without, the first will brake better on ice, and the second will work better on asphalt and make less noise. All different abilities of studded and studdles Tires of the same class are approximately the same.

When choosing a non-studded Tire, it is worth remembering that it can be of two types: resembling summer rubber with a tread and intended for mild European winters and a full-fledged replacement for studded Tires coarse giant “checkers” of deep tread are cut. 

Be careful when choosing Tires. Make your journey comfortable and safe!


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