How to Choose the Best Laser Coding System for You

How to Choose the Best Laser Coding System for You

Quality laser engraving and coding is a great way to promote your brand, adding personality to your products. Higher-quality laser systems will also last longer and produce better results than lower-quality ones. However, with all of the different types of lasers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. If you’re not sure where to start, here are the key considerations to help you choose the best laser for your needs.

What to consider when choosing a laser

When choosing a laser, the first thing to consider is the size of the area to be engraved or coded. If you have a tight budget and limited space, you may want to consider one of the smaller options. However, if you want to do bigger and bigger projects, it may not be worth the price of upgrading to a large laser. Once you have your needs in mind, you’ll want to take a look at the different types of lasers on the market. The primary types of lasers available are solid-state, gas, plasma, and dye. Solid-state lasers are the simplest and most common, relying on a bright solid-state light source to burn through the material. This type of laser is found in most entry-level laser systems.

Choosing the right power

Laser light is measured in kilowatts (kW). Laser power measures the power of the laser beam, which determines the speed at which the light is emitted and the precision at which it is defined. If the laser is too powerful, it can produce brighter colors or stronger printing, but it is also more costly and energy-consuming. However, if it is too weak, you might not be able to accurately define your logo. The ideal laser is a medium power laser system, or 1.5kW to 5kW, which is typically suitable for home offices and small businesses. The ideal laser will be appropriate for both engraving and coding. For the best results, laser engravers will recommend a specific model of laser that comes with the appropriate power and speed settings.

Decide on the type of laser

There are many different types of laser printing, but the most common is the linear optical system. This type of laser system is usually faster than other laser systems. It can also do less damage to the substrate than other types of laser systems. The other major difference between linear optical systems and other laser systems is the strength of the beam. Because the linear optical system is based on light, it can transfer the energy more accurately than other types of laser systems. When considering the type of laser system you want, consider how it will work for your business. You may decide to purchase a high-quality system for your printing needs. However, there are many different types of specialty products that use a different type of laser system.

Laser engraving or coding?

Although laser engraving is often a faster option than coding, it is slower than laser cutting. Also, it requires a skilled operator and a solid surface to engrave. Because laser cutting can be quick, you can save money on manpower and time. However, this can also lower the quality of your finished product. You’ll also want to consider the overall cost of your system. If it is running you an excessive amount of money each month, you may want to consider laser cutting. Safety and performance Some laser systems are more robust than others, particularly when it comes to safety. It’s good to look for laser systems that come with a high level of compliance with OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and other regulations.

How important is the beam quality?

A laser module is the unit of measurement for any laser system, such as the focuser, power supply, and other parts of the system. The size and shape of a module are different for each laser, which is one of the reasons there are so many different kinds of lasers. The laser beam quality is a major factor in choosing a laser module. A higher-quality laser module will deliver more detail, especially in areas that are difficult to engrave or have very fine line counts. A smaller laser module will have a higher zoom factor, making it more suitable for small details. Can you accommodate custom engraving? You might be able to accommodate your customers by making custom engravings, but be careful with this option. Making them too small or fine is likely to lead to a loss of quality.

Considerations for handheld lasers

Handheld laser printers may be a great option for one-off projects or if your business is short on time. However, if you are looking to use this kind of laser in a commercial setting, you should consider using a stand-alone model. With a stand-alone laser, you can choose whether you want to use one or two lasers. The two-laser option is ideal for laser text, which is the easiest form of laser to apply to material. One laser means that you will need to set up your finished designs in advance and flip the switch on and off again when you are finished, whereas two lasers mean that you can have two systems working at the same time and move between them to do different jobs.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed all of the different attributes of laser systems. If you’re interested in learning more, here are some other articles to help you understand more about laser systems: Which laser systems are worth your investment? Which laser systems should you invest in? Which are the best laser engraving systems? Once you’ve chosen the right laser for your needs, you can begin to learn how to use it to engrave anything from books to jewelry and more. Once you’ve had some experience, you can even start to expand into other mediums.


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