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gigolo (/’dZIg@,loU gigolo (/’dZIg@,loU, ‘) is an escort male or social partner dependent on a partner who is in a relationship that continues, usually living in her home or being at her beck and calls.

The term”gigolo” usually refers to the person who lives an arranged lifestyle that includes many of these relationships in a series, rather than having any other support system.

The gigolo’s job is to offer companionship, provide a steady conductor with decent manners and social skills and, often, to act as a dance partner when requested by the woman for support. Many gifts, including expensive clothes and a car to drive around in, can be lavishly given to the man. The relationship might also involve sexual activities and he may be described as an “kept man.

The word gigolo can be traced back to the first use of the word in English in the form of a neologism in the 1920s. It was a backformation from gigolette, which is a French term for an employee hired to be dance partner. Both gigolo as well as gigolette were first documented in French in the middle during the 18th century refers to the dance club patrons who lived in Montmartre who were paid to dance or engage in sexual relations with unaccompanied male guests. The latter half in the late 19th century especially following the scandalous murder case that was referred to by the name of Paris in The Pranzini Affair, the term gigolo was interpreted to mean the exotic, foreign man with whom affection and company could be bought by wealthy French women.

The art of being a gigolo.

Having been a frequent visitor to an island country for fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege (and the disgust) of witnessing the thriving art of gigolo-ism. I witnessed it A LOT.

For the most part, I’m bewildered that this art even exists, but at the same time I’m fascinated. So fascinated that I kind of wish I had what it takes to become a gigolo-ette.

What do you need to become an effective gigolo?

I’ve narrowed it down the following: lack of morality pure motivation, the ability to jump to bed with someone that you’re not interested in.

If you have these characteristics then you will be waking up in an abundance of money each day and be set to live a long and prosperous life.

The most effective gigolo that I’ve seen.

I’ve always wanted to tell this story for years. The reason I haven’t was because I didn’t have an opportunity to record it until the present. If I’d ever had the chance to write this on my travel blog, I’d have slapped the person, which was not my goal.

He never expected any money from me, and I didn’t have the right to end his life if the generosity he showed me was so generous.

I felt proud that I would not be a part of his foreign-born harem who financed his lifestyle. I was happy to know that he was conscious to distinguish me from others.

As bizarre as the gigolo lifestyle may be as it is, I understand it. The men are presented with opportunities, and they seize the opportunity. The sole reason opportunities exist is due to the presence of foreigners them. If there was nothing to be gained from the taking, then the taking would cease.

I’d always informed John me that I held no respect for his choices in life and he was able to understand the reason. However, it didn’t get out of with our relationship We were as thick as thieves. We had each other’s backs during times of danger as well as having enjoyable. We were loyal to one another as friends.

The secrets of Gigolos How Women are Ready to Pay for Sex

February. 16th, 2012- – Gigolos that cater only to females, was considered to be a type of urban legend. But since more women have decided to claim that they will pay for sexual sex in free-of-cost situations, this controversial topic has now become popular.

A few women have stated that they love paying for”the “perfect boyfriend experience” since at time the night is over, they can pay for the man to disappear.

I don’t need anyone telling me what to do with my money or your time or anything similar to this,” said Heather Smith. “This is the perfect solution for me. I’m sure they’re not going to call me. They shouldn’t be able make a phone call. I am aware that what I do is what I will say and they either love it or not and I’m not concerned, and I’m in a position of freedom. It’s a freedom in being yourself and knowing that it does not matter.”

Reality TV show, “Gigolos,” helped reveal female gigolos. The show follows 5 straight male escorts: Brace, Nick, Vin, Steven and Jimmy, who reside at Las Vegas and are employed by a real agencycalled Cowboys 4 Angels.

Garren James 36, a former gigolo, serves as their agent. He is what many would describe as pimp.

“Sex for money is a crime,” James said. “It’s legal to charge someone for their time, which is the way we’re going. We’re charging someone for their time.”

The premise that paying upfront is not a guarantee of sexual sex for clients, is legally legal in every state where Cowboys 4 Angels services are offered. Prostitution through contract is defined as a promise of sexual intimacy in exchange for money and is therefore is illegal. Vin the man, who lives with a girlfriend and was a philosopher, believes that the activity he’s engaged in isn’t prostitution.

“Everything that I do is completely voluntary. No need to pay myself,” he said.

The men from Cowboys 4 Angels said they offer dates with women only, at a cost. James isn’t convinced that what his staff and he are doing is morally unsound.

“I believe that a moral issue is simply something that’s good or bad,” he said. “If I’m a guy and I’m looking to take a woman out on an evening date, I’m paying the bill for meals… It’s all my expense. It’s not clear how this is any different than the sense that the fact that a woman is paying the moment, it’s wrong. This doesn’t make sense.”

James The company employs 35 workers working out of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta and Vegas as of the time that he was on the show the business has been growing. James added that he has received more than 2,000 requests for employment. However, it requires a certain kind of person to join his Cowboys 4 Angels team.

“They should appear like a model type guyeducated, funny smart and a gentleman” James said.

James says he conducts four-part interviews with potential gigolos however since his company does not offer sex in exchange for cash, he can’t require STD tests. In the end, James said he runs background checks on every person, and those who spoke to “Nightline” affirm that they’ve all been practicing safe sexual activity.

The customers, James said, are usually wealthy, smart women who are flocking to his website in a plethora of numbers.

“Most women succeed in business, have college degrees or in their 20s, 30sand 40s, and women who frequently travel,” he said.

Heather Smith, a 39-year-old single manager of an Fortune 500 company, knows the males of “Gigolos” well. she’s been on date nights with 5 of them. She invests between $500 and $1000 per month for gigolos. However, she says that the experience of being with an escort from a male is not just about sex.

“I do not think of gigolos as sex-workers or prostitutes in any way,” Smith said. “They certainly don’t have the impression of they are. With women, there’s plenty of other aspects to think about in between the physical and all the talk… This makes it an entirely different kind of date than the case with a male client who was paired up with woman professionals.”

Smith stated that being with those “professionals,” as she described them helped her overcome the pain she experienced following her fertility treatments failed tragically.

“I do not know the reason it’s because I’m single and had to go through the loss by myself and did not have a husband to snuggle me who was sleeping in the night to comfort you while you cry your heart out over the loss. I’m not sure why, but whatever the reason, the gigolos have helped me in all that. It’s a fact that you cannot place a price on. It’s worth it all,” Smith said.

The dates also became an incentive to shed weight. Smith stated that she gives herself an evening out each time she loses about 10 pounds.

“Since I’ve added gigolos to my diet plan I’ve shed 27 inches” she told me. “My initial date wore an large 28-inch dress. I’m now an 18-year-old.”

James recently enlisted Shawn an ex-stripper and model, through a modeling website. “Nightline” was a guest to an evening with Shawn in an Vegas hotel with one James’s “regulars.”

When asked what customers want when they engage male escorts Shawn stated, “Sometimes they are just alone… Sometime, they simply want to feel that someone cares about them. Sometimes, they’re out of an unhealthy relationship, a bad divorce, and sometimes it’s their birthday or they’re in a bind with too much money and they want to spend it all up.”

For nearly four hours and $1000, Shawn wined and dined the client for four hours and about $1,000.

“I brought her back to her room and I gave her a nice massage by my hands. After that, the time was over and it was time to leave,” He said “I’m simply being gentlemanly and seeing what is happening at Vegas and I’m there in Vegas. Therefore, I must stay in Vegas and we will continue to tell our stories and secrets.”

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