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How to Avoid Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver?

Have your broken your cell phone again? Now, you are thinking of options to repair your device. Please, don’t choose DIY cell phone repairs because such repairs may either make the damage worst or not work. If your Android or iPhone is under warranty, you may benefit from it for your cell phone repair in Vancouver. If you cannot avail of the warranty for repair, you must pay for it to a repair service in full. What if you hadn’t broken your cell phone? You could have avoided the repair cost for cell phone repair. You can avoid cell phone repairs if you handle your cell phone with care.

Here are our tips to help you avoid cell phone damage and phone repair in Vancouver:

  • Take Care of Your Screen: Broken cell phone screens are most common because of mishandling. Therefore, you should take care of your cell phone screen first to avoid damaging it. After all, the phone screen plays a big part in many activities you perform using a smartphone. You should protect your cell phone screen with a screen protector to minimize the risks of screen damage. You should always have your cell phone in a case while using it for additional protection.
  1. Take Care of the Battery: Cell phones stop functioning if their batteries are dead. Moreover, you may drain your battery fast and make it dead if you use your cell phone without precautions. Overheating cell phones is a core reason behind fast-draining and dead cell phone batteries. You can avoid this mishap if you don’t overheat your phone. You should only allow applications on the phone that you use on a daily basis to avoid overheating. You may lower your cell phone brightness to make sure you don’t overheat the battery. 

Make sure you also unplug your cell phone charger on time without overheating your cell phone. Following the aforementioned tips can help you to prevent your cell phone battery from overheating. Consequently, you can use your cell phone for a long time.

  1. Prevent Cell Phone Water Damage: The worst yet one of the most common damages with cell phones is water damage. However, precautions can aid you in avoiding water damage, too. Don’t bring your cell phone to high-risk areas, like swimming pools or drink places. Having a waterproof case for your cell phone can help you prevent your cell phone, too, but not completely. Keeping cell phones in waterproof cases can help you avoid water damage in rains or accidental spills. If you have planned to head towards a waterpark, keep your cell phone in a waterproof pouch. 
  1. Take Care of the Dust: Make sure you use your cell phone after taking care of the dust. Get rid of the dust from your cell phone to prevent dust particles from entering inside your phone circuitry. If dust enters inside your phone’s components, you can encounter issues with your cell phone. Hence, don’t let the dust hurt your cell phone and its performance, and always take care of it.


You can damage your cell phone if you don’t use it with care. Nonetheless, you can avoid cell phone damages and phone repairs if you keep the following in mind:

  1. Take care of your cell phone screen with a protector. Have a phone case for added protection.
  2. Don’t overheat your phone to avoid battery draining or a dead battery.
  3. Don’t take your phone to places where you have a water damage risk. 
  4. Moreover, make sure dust particles don’t enter your cell phone’s internal circuitry and damage it.

Nonetheless, you will have to consider cell phone repair in Vancouver if you damage your cell phone despite these precautions.

Cell Doctor (https://www.gocelldoctor.ca/) is an authorized iPhone and Android phone repair service in Vancouver, Richmond, and Prince George.


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