How Much Does a Gaming PC Cost?

Some time ago, PC components and peripherals in Pakistan were not easily available. The only alternative was to acquire what was then available, and the range of things was scarce. Luckily, the days are long gone. You should be fortunate that you will have so many components to chose from if you wish to build a Gaming PC in 2021.

Many partners and retailers strive towards the Pakistani market with major names. However, Pakistani gamers continue to experience a serious dearth of knowledge. It is vital to examine the working of PC components and the type of components you need.

The first thing you have to do is establish your budget and think about what you are going to use your PC for. PC prices may be somewhat unexpected for gaming in Pakistan, in particular when you want to keep yourself within a budget. But it’s not difficult to do the job.

There are many things to consider while purchasing a gaming PC. We’ll see what Gaming PC prices are at the moment. Let us consider those components:

In general, a Xeon processor is a rather unorthodox selection for a budget PC for playing. They are meant to be used on workstation computers, although this 1240 V2 is a little different. The motherboards may be used with most 4th genes, so they can be extremely adaptable. The processor is great for 1080p gaming and has been in it for several years.

This one contains 4 nuclei and 4 threads for those of you who enjoy numbers. The basic clock is 3.4GHz but may increase to 3.8GHz. This CPU would cost you in the local market roughly $81-$83.

Benchmarks, however, reveal that the Ryzen 5 3600 is ideally suited to an RTX 3080, or possibly 3090. Gaming is our sole concern and for most folks, it is the perfect value. A 3700X is roughly $350 for you. In our opinion, the 3600 is a better option for around $200, if you are not doing any CPU-intensive productivity chores.

  • RAM

We use good old 8 gigabytes of memory of DDR3, nothing like fancy here. It’s not the quickest memory, but only DDR3 is compatible with our motherboard. Different brands like Samsung, Kingston, and others are available. Later on, for a smoother experience, we advise adding another RAM stick. A single 8 GB stick will cost approximately 47$.

If your workload necessitates, you can go with 32 gigs or even 64 gigs. But it will greatly increase the price. The fast RAM of 16GB is more than plenty for gaming. It also helps to make it appear quite attractive.

  • Motherboard

In its construction, the motherboard doesn’t matter much, as in other examples. Our Xeon Processor matches the MSI H61-P33 flawlessly. There are 2 memory DIMM slots, 1 slot for PCIe x16, 2 headers for SATA II, 4 ports for USB 2.0, and 2 ports for sound. The small micro-ATX form factor is also featured. The board runs from approximately $26-$29 everywhere.

If this specific board cannot be found, just begin hunting for a motherboard of the 4th generation. No one has an outstanding feature over the other. Search for one that is readily available.

The B450 Tomahawk Max is one of the greatest Zen 2 cartridges on the market, as we have noted before. If you choose, you can walk to B550 or X570, but the costs don’t value it. The B450 Tomahawk Max boasts massive VRMs and an amazing power supply. Therefore, it can also manage to overclock. It costs for $150.

  • Storage

We will be using a Western Digital hard disc with a storage capacity of 500 gigabytes. The WD-Blue is easy to use and costs about $8. It’ll cost you twice as much, you can upgrade to a 1TB hard disc. We remain with 500 shows for the sake of our budget.

For the SSD we would advise you to use a PCIe NVMe M.2 to build that. It isn’t that costly as you might believe and it’s significantly faster than SATA. The Kingston A2000 is a great with 512GB NVMe drive. You can save with an ADATA $60 drive if you want some money.

  • Cases

In general, a box, ram, CPU, and motherboard bundle can be found on the market. That’s why we didn’t list a particular product, as should be the case. If you’re curious, it costs roughly $7 to use a simple PC case such as a former Dell or Lenovo.

A magnificent PC case is Thermaltake H550 TG. It is fairly easy inside a casing like this to create a good-looking PC. A preinstalled ARGB strip appears on the front and there is also a 120mm ARGB fan in the rear. In addition, a vertical GPU layout is supported. In addition, it incorporates magnetic dust filters and a 360mm radiator support on the front.

  • Power Supply

In the local marketplaces, sources of electricity are readily available. To be honest, a lower power PSU could be used, but we only stick to a 500W to keep it safe. In the local market, you will be charged a decent 500W of power to Rs. $15-$25. Remember they’re usually really old, so simply know what you get for the money.

  • Graphics Card

In Pakistan, in particular, we saw no other GPU as successful in the RX 580. This is one of Pakistan’s greatest budget cards. Even if the price has increased a little, between $145-$150, it is still terrific shopping everywhere. When you spend more, you get only an Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for about $200.

The 580 is still quite good now at 1080p. You can always push 144 fps with this GPU when playing predominantly eSports such as CS: GO. It starts showing its age in new single-player games.

  • GPU

Unlike everything in a long time we have seen, the new RTX 3000 GPUs offer a generational boom in performance. These two GPUs are an excellent choice for high-end gaming applications. Go to 3070 if you want to be 1440p. If you want to play 4K and want to find out something for the future, consider the RTX 3080, though.

Initial Level Gaming PC

This is a safe collection of components for entry-level construction, in our opinion. The majority of games can be played at 1080p, in a medium to the high setting combination. Nevertheless, with next-gen games, this computer could reveal its age. The pricing for a game PC in Pakistan is approximately $300.

Mid Level Gaming PC

You should wait for most 1080p games in the highest settings while you can play some Esports titles at 1440. The pricing of this mid-range PC is less than Rs. $585.

The center to the top section is where many enthusiastic and casual gamers are interested in building their plates. While this construction is wonderful for gaming and it will take a few years, it is another beast in the mid-high end. If for a few years you are someone who wants to quit thinking about your PC, that’s the way to go.

High-Level Gaming PC

It is easy for us to do everything for the high-end design and simply get the most premium components. This was the plan, but we questioned then whether someone like that would first read a building guide. This is therefore for the people who want the highest performance, but who wish not to pay too much.

You can purchase a Processor or go with the highest graphic card, i.e. RTX 3090. Everyone has liquid cooling. Having said that, we feel this is the right combination of raw power, performance, and value. A high-end PC will cost about $1500.


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