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  How can we increase spice exports Business from India?  

  How can we increase spice exports Business from India?  

India’s spice exporters want to expand their export/ import business globally. However, the methodology they are friendly with will not boost or increase their export business. Still many of the spice exporters trade traditionally or through the offline method. This traditional method will not help them in the modern world, especially after the pandemic, when the global economy is severely impacted. In order to expand the spice business globally, the spice traders must mark their presence online and deal with the global importers.

Global trading seems to be an easy task for many people. However, the truth is just the opposite. There are numerous problems faced by the traders to export bulk spices globally. All the Spice exporters from India have to understand the real problem existing in the way of spice export. The problems like middlemen, unstable freight charges, Container’s deficiency, and many more are the great barriers in front of India’s export business. Now, the question raises how exporters of spices can overcome this dreadful situation and expand their business globally.  

One of the best solutions to overcome all problems in the spice import/export business is an online presence. However, most people are not able to properly utilize the benefits of digital platforms. According to the survey, 85.7% of exporters have been lost their presence in the global market because of the pandemic or unable to follow the ongoing trend for export business i.e, the embracement of Digitalism. 

Only the one surviving in the pandemic world is the person who believes in digital marketing and has been shifted their business from traditional to digital. And that matters a lot in this hypercompetitive world where you can only increase your export business when you are sharing your price on the Digital B2B Global platform. So, things are now a little bit clear what to do or what not to do.   

There are lots of B2B platforms working daily to give a boost to the spice export of India. Spices of India are worldwide famous for their authentic taste, magical aroma, and delicious flavors. If you think you have assured quality Indian spice in your export basket then we think you should be a Verified Seller from India and that is possible only when you are demonstrating your list of spices 24×7 on the World’s 1st Global procurement solution for food products. is the name of that specialized platform that is completely different from other B2B Platforms in the way of ideology, methodology, Mission, and Vision. only works towards the better future of India’s export/import businesses based on food products. 380,000+ Ready-to-buy Verified Global Buyers are knocking on the doors of 38,000+ Verified sellers every morning. 

The platform not only opens opportunities for sellers across the world, but it also connects the global importers to the global verified exporters. With the real-time live negotiation on both sellers and buyers can negotiate in real time and finalize their deal without any middlemen. It does not touch prices; still everyone gets the pocket-friendly best price. 

This is the new and innovative way to buy Spices online without a phone call or an E-mail.   

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