Home Improvement Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

As the cold weather starts to make way for more sunshine, homeowners around the US will be looking at ways to make the most of the coming summer. Whether you’re looking to make some home improvements to increase the value of your property ahead of the best season for selling houses, or you’re out to make some quality-of-life improvements and up its entertainment potential, here are just a few home improvement tips to get your property ready for the summer. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

Decks are a great addition to homes as they not only provide the perfect place for an outdoor entertainment zone, but they also increase the value of the property thanks to their high ROI. When planning your new deck, look into materials that are weather resistant and durable as your deck will need to withstand years of exposure. 

Also, consider whether you want to spend a little extra on a cover of some kind to ensure that you can entertain guests come rain or shine. While it is possible to build your own deck, if you aren’t the handy kind, get help building the outdoor entertainment of your dreams from an expert in the field. Choose a reputable company that specializes in decks St. Louis for deck installations and create the perfect outdoor paradise to entertain this summer. 

Give Your Garden Some Love

Spring is the perfect time of the year to get your garden looking summer ready, so start preparing for the planting season soon to make the most of those spring rains. The warmer weather and increased rainfall will also be putting lawns into overdrive, so set some time aside for some bi-weekly landscape to get everything looking neat and trimmed. 

Give your established plants a boost with some fertilizer, and explore your options to fill in spots where plants perhaps didn’t make it through the winter with some native options that are a bit hardier and will help attract some wildlife to your garden. Finally, if you have an irrigation system, make sure it is all working as it should so that your plants will get the hydration they need in the hot months ahead. 

Don’t Overlook Your Gutters

While you may not think about your gutters all that often, they are vital in keeping your home safe from water damage and its associated challenges, like mold and mildew. Gutters help funnel water away from your windows, doors, and foundations, so ensuring they are kept unblocked and functional is important if you want to avoid pricey repairs due to flooding, leaks, and even foundational damage. Look out for the telltale signs of a blocked gutter, like water spilling over the edges of your gutters or a lack of water flowing through your downspout and take action sooner rather than later to prevent even more serious problems in the future. 

These are just some of the ways you can help get your home ready for the hot weather ahead. Proper preparation for the summer can help homeowners make the most of the sunny weather, which is best spent relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family rather than completing DIY projects just in time for the cold to return.

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