Here are some reasons to consider an uncontested divorce in Wisconsin

If your marriage has reached a point of no return, it is time to move on rather than dwell in an unhappy space. Understandably, it is not an easy decision, but the divorce will probably make it easy for you and your spouse to find new beginnings. It is equally important to understand that ending the marriage is an extensive legal process, and your best bet is to minimize conflict. If you and your spouse seem to agree on all significant legal points of conflict, you may proceed with an uncontested divorce, which is easier. In this post, let’s learn more about the benefits of an uncontested divorce in Wisconsin.

  1. You are done sooner than usual. In Wisconsin, there is a mandatory cooling-off period of 120 days that you must wait to get a divorce. This is true for uncontested divorces too, and while that may seem like a small window, there are other factors, such as the burden of cases on the county court, that can delay things further. Even with those aspects, an uncontested divorce takes less time, and you can expect to get done with the process in just six months.
  2. An uncontested divorce is cheaper. If you decide to go to court and fight for your marital assets or things like child custody, alimony, and visitation rights, you may have to spend months or even years finalizing the divorce. An uncontested divorce allows you to get things done without spending huge.
  3. Your lawyer will charge a lot less. Many law firms in Milwaukee charge a fixed fee for uncontested divorces, which is a great advantage. In most cases, the lawyers are the reason why people spend so much on their divorce. You can expect the family law attorney to deal with the paperwork, draft the marital agreement, and file the papers in court. They can even represent you at the final hearing date.
  4. You have the privacy you need. An uncontested divorce is not just simple but also ensures that matters between you and your spouse don’t become a battle to watch for everyone else. You can keep things private and avoid washing dirty linen in public.

Lastly, an uncontested divorce also leaves room to be cordial with one another. You and your spouse can continue to care for your child as normal parents and avoid conflict that can sour relationships forever. Talk to an attorney to understand things better. 

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