Help! 10 Lifesaving Apple Tips for New Mac Users

Help! 10 Lifesaving Apple Tips for New Mac Users

Apple’s overall market value is has hit 2 trillion, making it the most valued tech company globally.

Thanks to its success, many people switch to Mac computers each day for a variety of reasons. New users often need help with tips and tricks to get the best experience out of their new Mac.

Keep reading to learn about ten lifesaving Apple tips you can use today!

  1. Spotlight

One of the best Apple Mac tips is to utilize Spotlight as much as possible. This versatile tool can make things easier overall when using your Mac. Spotlight is located in the top right corner of your screen and looks like a magnifying glass.

Spotlight is capable of a variety of tasks. It can convert and calculate almost anything you type in. It can also bring up any files or documents from your computer by searching for keywords.

  1. Hot Corners

There are many great Mac tips, but one of the best is using “Hot Corners.” Hot corners are shortcuts to specific actions on your computer, and each corner of your screen is designated a particular task.

Once you move your cursor to one of the corners, the task you’ve chosen will begin. You can lock your screen, show the desktop, go to the main menu, etc.

To set this feature up, launch your system preferences. Then select “Mission Control,” which will lead you to the “Hot Corners” control center.

  1. Switch Apps

Switching between apps may seem tedious and annoying, especially if you need multiple applications open at once. However, Mac has the perfect solution for toggling between them.

Pressing Mac’s shortcut of “CMD+Tab” will pull up a menu of which apps you have open. From there, you can choose which app to switch to.

If you keep holding “CMD” and repeatedly press “Tab,” it will cycle through your open apps. Release the keys once your desired app is highlighted to switch to it.

  1. Screenshots

Screenshots are great when you need to save a photo of specific documents, files, or your entire screen. This feature can be used when needing to save particular files or documents quickly. Your Mac has different screenshot options to ensure you capture what’s needed efficiently.

To screenshot your entire screen, press “CMD+Shift+3.” If you only want to capture a specific area of your view, press “CMD+Shift+4,” and you’ll be able to drag the crosshairs to your desired size.

  1. Customize Menu

Customizing your menu to your preferences can help you save time and make things more efficient. You can place what you need most on your menu and take off irrelevant options. You can also choose options based on your menu’s size, visibility, and contents.

To start customizing your dock menu, access your system preferences. Then, select “General,” which will reveal the “Dock” icon. Click this icon and choose your preference under each option.

  1. OS Updates

Making sure your Mac is up to date will ensure it is working to the best of its ability. Scheduled updates can also maximize security and bring new features to your device.

From the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen, you can see if an update is available for your Mac. If so, begin the update process manually. You also have the option of automatically keeping your Mac up to date.

  1. Sign Documents

Signing documents always seems to be a necessity in today’s society. Thankfully, your Mac has the capability of virtual signatures. These signatures reduce in-person appointments and help documents to process quicker.

Start by opening the document you need to be signed in “Preview” mode. At the top right, click the pen icon to open the editing toolbar. Then, click the signature icon, which will allow you to “Create Signature.”

You’ll now be able to use your trackpad to sign your documents digitally.

  1. Mac Apps

Mac comes with a variety of specialized apps that are automatically available for your use. These apps are designed to help maximize work production. Documents created from these applications can also be easily converted or used with other software.

The top production apps include Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Pages allow you to form written documents, which Keynote helps create slides for presentations. Numbers is a spreadsheet app that enables you to keep track of data.

Other apps such as Garageband and Movies can help with more creative tasks.

  1. Recovery

One of the best Mac troubleshooting tips is always to have your data backed up. This will keep you from losing valuable documents and files.

The best way to conduct a backup is to utilize the “Time Machine” application. Here, you can restore files from your most recent backup. For example, visit for more information on how to recover an unsaved word document.

  1. Force Quit

Another Mac troubleshooting tip has to do with applications crashing or windows freezing. Sometimes your computer can take on too many commands, which then slows down the entire system. Apps can stop responding, or your computer can freeze.

The best way to conquer this problem is to find the app that is causing the most issues. Then “Force Quit” it to completely shut it down.

Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. Select “Force Quit” from the drop-down options and then click the app you wish to close.

Use the Best Apple Tips

These are the best Apple tips that can help you optimize your new computer today. Your Mac will perform to the best of its ability and conquer all of your needs.

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