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Guide to eCommerce product photography

A point-and-shoot camera isn’t enough for great eCommerce product photography in Singapore. Keep these ideas and recommendations from an experienced Singapore food photographer in mind if you’re just starting in the area of culinary photography. 

The real truth when it comes to food photography 

To start as an eCommerce photography services provider in Singapore, you must first get a basic understanding of the eCommerce product photography business. It’s something to aspire to if you see a professional Singapore food photographer in a food magazine or a high-end cookbook. But don’t get too worked up if your shots don’t turn out precisely like that; it’s something to keep in mind in a situation like that. 

They’ve engaged a professional food stylist to do the food’s hair and cosmetics. They may use a variety of food styling techniques, many of which render the dish hazardous and inedible. 

#1 To make your cuisine stand out, present it in a distinctive way 

Use items that were made alongside the meal to style the dish. It is not required, but it aids the viewer in understanding and seeing what the meal is composed of. Serve with fresh fruit as a garnish. Choose garnishes and ingredients that have few, if any, flaws. 

This will enhance the food’s look as well as the final picture. On the internet, look for ideas. There are a plethora of professional food images and instructions available online to assist you in preparing any dish you’re attempting. 

Don’t overcrowd the table or overstyled your food. Maintain a straightforward, attractive, and inviting appearance. If the dish is overloaded, the viewer’s attention will be diverted away from the main focus point, which is the food. Make sure your sauce isn’t too thick. The sauce should be simple and well-thought-out. The excessive effort will lead to a poor end product. 

#2 In your photos, be sure to use appropriate lighting 

Experiment with several lighting choices, such as a flash, studio strobes, continuous lighting, and even a candle. Because light is light, various types of light will elicit various feelings and images. Softboxes, reflectors, paper, and grids may all be utilized as light diffusers. Make the best of what you’ve got and try to think beyond the box. Diffusers are essential in this kind of work, so utilize them. 

To obtain the optimum lighting strength for the area you’re photographing, experiment with different power settings on your light source. If there is a lot of ambient light, a brighter light source may be required. If you must work in the dark, lower the brightness of the light. To find out what works best for you, experiment with various ISO and power settings.

Avoid putting direct light on the dish as a Singapore food photographer. The light should instead be directed from the sides. Direct light causes shadows to fade and highlights to seem too bright, resulting in a flat image. 

#3 Make use of the appropriate tools 

Any contemporary DSLR will do as long as it has the ability to trigger an off-camera flash, is tripod mountable, and has sufficient resolution. Because prime lenses are crisper than zoom lenses, they are preferred for eCommerce product photography in Singapore platforms. The focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 100mm are all great. 

Because it depends on the cuisine, there are no hard and fast rules on which is the best. For eCommerce product photography Singapore assignments, experts usually utilize a macro lens since it allows me to go very close without sacrificing any essential information. The food stands out from the backdrop because of the compression produced by the longer focal length. 

Photographing at low ISO and slow shutter speeds without blurring or shaking necessitates the use of a robust tripod. For top-down photography, a 90-degree tripod is useful. A wireless trigger is useful because it allows you to plate and trigger the shutter quickly without having to touch the camera. Inadvertent motions or unintended contact with the tripod or camera are avoided. Shoot in RAW and manual mode at all times. 

#4 Hero Shots Guide 

The most essential aspect of the Singapore food photographer expert is the hero shot, often known as the main shot. This is both the dish’s last and most significant photograph. Take many photos and views of the final product at all times. This removes any potential technical problems while shooting. 

Shoot from a top-down 90-degree angle as well as a standard 45-degree angle to guarantee a seamless 360-degree rotation. Some meals seem to be better from different perspectives, and having both images shot can help you decide. 

Your hero image as an eCommerce photography services specialist should be straightforward, well-organized, clean, and aesthetically appealing. Colors and textures should complement each other to produce a pleasing aesthetic impression. Always choose suitable plates or bowls for the hero shot. Remember to serve your food in the appropriate color or shape of bowl/plate. 

Take pictures of the same meal from various angles. In different circumstances and applications, you never know which point of view would work best. Use your hands to scoop up the broth or a fork to hold the spaghetti if necessary. Make a layout for each of your dishes separately. Use different layouts and perspectives for different meals to make each dish stand out. 

Use non-food items to make your meal more appealing, such as brushing the meat with oil to make it seem juicier, using toothpicks to hold food together, or spraying vegetables with water to make them look fresh. 

#5 After-effects 

Professional picture editing necessitates the use of Photoshop and/or Lightroom. The goal of post-processing is to produce an image that is both visually pleasing and attracts the viewer’s attention. The finished image should be realistic, eye-catching, and not too dark or brilliant. 

Now is the time to make a reservation 

The benefits of eCommerce photography services are many. If you need professional photographs of your products, you’ve come to the correct spot. Digital Solutions offers professional eCommerce photography. Please get in touch with us right away if you want to learn more about eCommerce product photography.

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