Excitement is hidden beneath the Water

Excitement is hidden beneath the Water
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The infinite sense of peace that we feel around water is just blue state of mind —a chance to escape from the hyperactive, over-stimulated conditions of recent day life. It has amazing restorative powers and benefits. Some studies have found that people who live near the coasts or regularly visit coastal areas or beaches are generally healthier and happier. When people visit water sites and you ask them to describe that feeling they experience, most of them will feel difficulty to express in their words except saying that they really like those moments which they really needed too, and they are ready and willing to pay a lot of money for same feelings again. Atlantis Aquaventure Park has designed with same natural basis which will make you feel amazed and peaceful. Don’t forget to visit as early as you can plan and when booking use Atlantis Water Park Deals for availing remarkable discounts on this trip. 

The Ambassador Lagoon

It’s an Eleven Million Liter artificial underwater world which is considered as one of the top ten largest aquariums of the world. This aquarium is hosting more than 65,000 marine animals. In Atlantis Aquaventure this lagoon mainly focus on marine species found in Arabian Gulf. The unique life of Golden Trevallys, Cobias and Cresent Anglefish can be observed here. It has a variety of sharks and ray fishes in it. This Lagoon remains open 24/7 for visitors and can be visited by paying a very reasonable entry fees. You also have option of using Atlantis Water Park Deals for availing extra discounts on your bookings. 

Aqua Trek

Do you believe you can have a chance to walk between more than 65,000 marine animals? Yes! You can. Aqua Trek the latest and most modern water thrill will take you to descend a ladder 3 meters deep to a track in Ambassador Lagoon. You will be provided an Aquatrek helmet which will keep supplying enough supply of air so you can remain dry and full of oxygen. Here you will get a chance to have a guided underwater walking tour surrounded by those 65,000 marine animals and experience them face-to-face. Use Atlantis Water Park Deals to keep you trip in your budget.


Aqua Trek Night 

The amazing excursion Aqua Trek has two more different offerings other than normal visit to this trek. Aqua Trek Night and Xtreme and few different options added as well. In Aqua Trek by Night you’ll face the animals in nights when most of those marine creatures are more active. You have to use your underwater Torch. This will make you feel more amazed and full of excitement. Enjoy this Night time under water safari using Atlantis Water Park Deals and make this more economical as well. 

Aqua Trek Xtreme


Aqua Trek Xtreme is offered for comparatively more experienced visitors. In this offer you’ll experience the deepest part of the Ambassador Lagoon and walk on the floor. The depth could be from 10 to 32 feet inside the Lagoon. Plus, using Atlantis Water Park Deals coupon will add discounts to your trip too.

Dolphin Bay:

It is another incredible place to visit when it comes to Atlantis Aquaventure where you get a chance to find dolphins and play with them. There, you take part in various fun activities with dolphins, so you should never forget to visit this fun spot in Atlantis Aquaventure. While digging out more, you find dolphins to be well-trained to enjoy with people visiting this place. You should never miss a chance to kiss and hug them along with taking pictures that you will remember throughout your life. It is the perfect place in a way that it also entertains people who cannot swim properly as they can jump into the shallow water area for interacting with lovely dolphins. That is not all; you can also opt for dolphin scuba diving as well as dolphin adventure. 

Opt for the Zip-line Ride:

Never consider it the simple zip-line experience because it is more than that and ensures the ultimate fun experience for you. No doubt, Atlantean Flyer Zip-line is very popular in Dubai. Lots of tourists prefer trying it once and yes it is also not that much expensive; hence, you should also think of doing it. Keep in mind that it happens to be the world’s leading zip-line integrating in the waterslide tower, so never wait to experience it and make your Dubai’s visit the best trip ever. It is also famous as the lengthiest zip-line in the Middle East, so visiting it has become essential for you. No doubt, it happens to be the most thrilling activity in Dubai and if you love adventure then trying this world-class zip-line is essential for you. It makes you glide at the speed of 10 miles each hour while seeing the beautiful Palm’s views. Therefore, you should now make up your mind to opt for this adventure and find out the beauty of Dubai. 

Go to Aquaventure Waterpark:

You should also plan to visit this awesome waterpark when it comes to visit other attractions of Atlantis Aquaventure. It is the ideal place for both adults and kids and the warm weather of Dubai makes it the must-visit place to stay cool and active. It is the place that both the locals and foreign tourists visit regularly. Therefore, you also need to visit it otherwise you fail to make a trip unforgettable. There, you explore the widest array of thrilling water slides that you will never have experienced before, so never linger over visiting this place because you will take part in various fun activities. There, you come across slides such as Aquaconda, Zoomerango and Slitherine and all these slides are very popular among visitors, so trying all of them is must for you. 

Wrapping it up

Above-discussed are some most popular activities in Atlantis Aquaventure that make your visit to this specific attraction memorable. You should ensure that you participate in all the activities mentioned in this write-up and make your Dubai’s trip the incredible one. 


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