Different Ways Diwali is held in several parts of India!!!

India is a country with numerous festivals. And the many festivals in various parts of India are celebrated in varied and interesting ways. The Light Festival, Diwali, is also no exception. People from many parts of India celebrate Diwali with various practices, rituals and more. Diwali is marked by worshipping goddess Lakshmi in most regions of India, illuminating houses with diyas, giving presents to loved ones, and exploding crackers. You can order Diwali gifts online and make the occasion more special.

Here are several methods to celebrate Diwali in various places of India:


Diwali in Bengal coincides with the nighttime Kali Puja or Shyama Puja. Goddess Kali is dressed up with hibiscus blossoms and worshipped in temples and residences. Ma Kali is often offered by devotees sweets, lentils, grains, and fish. Kali Puja is notable for temples like Dakshineswar and Kalighat in Kolkata. In addition, on the day before Kali Puja, Bengalis follow the ritual of Bhoot Chaturdashi to overcome the evil power by enlightening 14 diyas at home. Kali Puja is conducted in sites such as Barasat, near Kolkata, as grandly as Durga Puja, with theme pandals and melas. Figures of Dakini and Yogini will also be seen in front of the Kali pandals.


The Diwali of Gods, known as the Dev Deepawali observes Varanasi. Devotees believe that during this period Gods and Goddesses descend down to earth to dip into Holy Ganga. The Ganga and the banks, decked with lamps and rangolis, are offered with prayers and diyas that are extremely mesmerising. Dev Deepawali comes on the Kartika month’s full moon and takes place 15 days from Diwali.


In Odisha, people do Kauriya Kathi for Diwali. It is a rite in which people venerate their heavenly ancestors. You are using jute sticks to call on your ancestors and ask for your blessings. Odias worship Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Kali during Diwali.


Diwali begins with the Vasu Baras rite to honour cows in Maharashtra. They celebrate Dhanteras to pay tribute to Dhanvantari, a former doctor. On Diwali, the Maharashtrians worship Deity Lakshmi and look at the DiwaliCha Padwa in order to commemorate the love of their spouse and husband. The celebrations finish with Bhav Bij and Tusli Vivah, which symbolise the beginning of marriages.


For the people of Gujarat, a year concludes with Diwali. Gujaratis celebrate the New Year’s Day of Gujarati, Bestu Varas, on Diwali’s next day. The Vaag Baras festivities begin with Dhanteras, Kali Chaudash, Diwali, Bestu Varas and Bhai Bij.


In Goa, Diwali is devoted to the destruction of the demon Narkasur by Lord Krishna. On the morning of Narakasura Chaturdashi one day before Diwali, mammoth demon images are built and burned down. During Diwali, many people spread coconut oil to their body in Goa and parts of South India to free themselves from sin.


Diwali falls in Punjab at around the same time as Bandi Chhor Diwas. The Sikh festival is celebrated with households and gurudwaras, gifts, crackers and feasts. Punjabi Hindus on Diwali adore Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali’s celebration also signifies the coming of winter in Punjab.


In Karnataka, Ashwija Krishna Chaturdashi and Bali Padyami are two important days. People are bathing in oil on Ashwija Krishna Chaturdashi. On Bali Padyami, they tell the stories of King Bali and build cow dung forts.

Tamil Nadu:

On the happy day of Diwali, Tamil people are waking up at dawn to bathe in oil flavoured with betel, aromatic peppers, etc. They eat a tonic after their bath, Deepavali Legiyam, before their feast. Different technologies in Plastic Card Printing

Andhra Pradesh:

Every Diwali, Andhra Pradesh people chant prayers and seek the blessings of the idol of clay, Satyabhama. After that, people begin with eagerness to celebrate Diwali with their loved ones.

These are just a handful of the magnificent ways to celebrate Diwali in India’s nights and crannies. This year, we are missing some of the festival’s energy because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we can surely stay at home and have a good time with our families. Overall, the festival of lights is without a doubt the religious celebration in India. With loads of love and affection mark this day. Although customs are crucial, don’t ignore the importance of Diwali presents. Whether you choose conventional or personalised Diwali presents, choose them with love, taking your taste into consideration. Purchase diwali express delivery to reduce the last minute trouble before the celebration arrives. Happy Diwali! Have a safe Diwali!

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