Different Types of Skirts: A Guide

Unlike pants and shorts, there are not many Lowers that adhere to the legs. But skirts are as basic as a wraparound cloth with a belt around the waist, and they give forth wind and a refreshing sensation because the legs are only partially covered. 

Its Evolution

Ancient Egypt is where a person is first recorded as wearing loose pants. Surprisingly, ancient men were the first to wear a “skirt.” 

For Different Occasions

Summer: To help one feel special and in place, summer skirts feature specific fabrics and designs developed specifically for the weather. And to choose their favourite outfits and avoid a bland summer, one can choose from various lengths, materials, and combinations. Meanwhile, people are constantly concerned about how to dress comfortably while still feeling fashionable due to the ever-changing trends. So, put one of these together with ideal footwear and accessories for a polished look, then head outside for a gala time.

Vacation: People wear them to beaches and picnics in Hawaii, Miami, etc. They are perfect for family and friend trips, and they usually have a slit which helps enhance the appearance of the whole outfit.

Formals: They are also called pencil skirts, and they are worn below formal shirts and can be paired with a coat or a blazer. They are perfect for conferences, business meetings, and daily office wear. They are bodycon, i.e., they stick to the body, and they can be paired up with formal shoes or heels. 

Sports: They are worn during tennis, badminton, hockey, and whatnot. Cycling shorts can be worn inside them as they are short. Besides, they are comfortable and free to wear as they circulate air while playing sports.  

Choose the Appropriate Length

Short Length: If you don’t want a tan on your hands, pair them with a hoodie. Biker shorts can be worn inside for added security and comfort. Meanwhile, they are suitable for wearing while playing badminton, walking, or racing to the grocery shop.

Medium-Length: They are those that come up to the knee. Middle-aged women typically wear these, and they offer the user a cooling effect. They look great with plain tees and flats and are ideal for evening strolls.

Long Length: They are appropriate for relaxed occasions. They are ideal for summer holidays and getaways, while older people mostly choose them. They look great with sunglasses and hats and are the perfect and most comfortable since they are long and do not allow leg tanning.

Anyone Can Wear Them.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about this, regardless of your height, weight, or skin colour. There are almost a hundred different styles of skirts available, and you can simply find the right one for your body type and skin tone. And if you don’t like one, there are plenty more to choose from.

Suggestions for Wearing Skirts

  • Printed ones can be used with plain blouses to create a fashionable look.
  • The material should be sweat-wicking.
  • To provide comfort, wear cycling shorts or tights under dresses.
  • For optimal air circulation, choose flared type.
  • The type and length should be selected based on the occasion and the wearer’s body shape.

The wrong skirt can be a little uncomfortable, so one should be careful when choosing one. The length and the occasion to which a person is wearing the dress are crucial in determining comfort. For instance, long ones are suitable for vacations and not for playing badminton. 

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