Dog Bites in Hartford

Different Types of Injuries Sustained in Dog Bites in Hartford

Dogs are very popular pets in the U.S., and these companions can be excellent sources of amusement for children as well as adults. Unfortunately, when a dog bites someone, he or she is often left with injuries that need immediate attention and treatment. It is also essential to consult a Hartford dog bite lawyer if you or your near ones are injured in a dog bite accident. Knowing what type of injuries you may sustain after being bitten by a dog can help you decide which course of action is best for your situation: whether that’s going to the doctor or seeking immediate assistance from law enforcement. 

Here we will walk you through different types of injuries sustained in dog bites in Hartford.

  1. Neck injuries

Neck injuries are usually the most severe after being bitten by a dog. This is because a dog’s teeth are designed to tear into the flesh, puncturing and tearing through muscles and blood vessels, causing blood loss. As soft tissue oxygen levels decrease due to this continuous damage, it will be harder for you to breathe. If not addressed immediately, this can lead to death caused by asphyxiation (lack of oxygen). The best place for you to start with treating neck injuries is at home. After you wash any wounds with soap and water, apply an antiseptic such as Hibiclens.

  1. Lacerations

Lacerations are usually the most frequent injuries sustained in dog bites. This type of wound could lead to infection and potential abscess if not properly cleaned and treated. In addition, your dog bite laceration may cause scarring, deforming your face, and disfiguring you for life. The best way to treat a dog bite laceration is to immediately irrigate the wound with sterile saline solution. After you have rinsed the wound clean, apply an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin and cover it with gauze or a bandage.

  1. Puncture wounds

Puncture wounds are another common type of dog bite injury. These usually occur when a dog bites your hand or foot and you feel sharp pain around the injured area. Puncture wounds can also be caused by other dogs’ teeth constantly moving up and down in the same place, causing damage to your skin, muscles, tendons, and joints. If this happens to you, you should clean your wound with a sterile saline solution right away and then apply pressure by using a bandage or gauze to stop the bleeding.

  1. Nerve damages

Nerve damage is a common injury after being bitten by a dog. In most cases, this type of harm occurs because the dog’s teeth are too big or they are positioned incorrectly. If a nerve is punctured or damaged in the process of biting you, the bite can cause numbness, weakness, or paralysis in the part of your body affected by it. The best way to treat nerve damage is to rest and take anti-nausea medication to lessen pain.

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