Custom kilts

Custom kilts
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The custom kilts are the best apparel for all those who complain that they do not find skirts in their size. In fact, it is a legitimate concern of so many customers online. Even with many customization windows, so many buyers complain that they cannot find their exact size in the highlander traditional dress.

Can you design your own Tartan?

There are so many platforms that offer the customers the opportunity to design the pattern of their own Tartan. Besides that, you can also change the cloth base for the fabric used in the formation of modern Kilts. There is some customization window that is offered by the store on each Kilt. Basically, you can select your measurement and color of the Kilt.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to keep in mind before ordering custom high quality kilts online:

Choose the Tartan.

You can skip this part if you have already made up your mind regarding the Tartan you want for your Kilt. The biggest difference in Tartan lies in its weight. Following are three weights of Tartan:

Medium Tartan:

It is a semi-durable Tartan that usually weighs about 13 ounces.

Lightweight Tartan:

It is about 11 ounces in weight.

Heavy Tartan:

It is about 16 to 18 ounces in weight and offers high durability for best kilts.

Keep in mind all these tartans accommodate pleats differently. The finishing of the kilts also differs.

Styling the Kilt

Following are the three styles of kilts:

Formal Style:

It is the prestigious Style of Kilt that compliments well along with Prince Charlie Jacket.

Semi-formal Style:

It is a full kilt that goes hand in hand with daytime sporrans. In terms of Jacket, go for tweed jackets.

Casual Style:

For this, you need about 8 ounces of Tartan. It goes well with Jacobite Jacket and a plain shirt. You can wear casual Kilt in sporting events.

Be accurate with your measurements:

Here are things that would require your exact measurement:


Average the length of the Kilt is abo1t 22 to 24 inches. Kilts are usually knee-length, so they start measuring from the top of your hip bone all the way to your knee.


Start measuring at the belly button. Keep in mind that the measurement of Tactical Kilt for Men is different from that of the trouser and offer different men’s kilt fashion. In fact, the trouser measurement is always lesser than the waist measurement.


Start measuring from the most enhanced area of the hip. Keep measuring tape loose as the more seams it has, the better you will look.


Custom kilts work best for Individuals who find it hard to Define their exact size in the online store. There are so many stores that are offering maximum customization in kilted outfits. You can even change the pattern of the Tartan as per your likeness. It died a loose-fitting in the kid does not look good on the user; therefore, be exact with your measurements.


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