Custom Apparel Boxes

Custom Apparel Boxes – How They Help Promote Your Business

“Premium custom boxes” is a leading packaging business, which helps product companies to order customized boxes specifically designed for their particular product packaging with their required specifications. This custom packaging helps businesses to make a favorable first impression on customers and also increases the chances of sales. Moreover, packaging offers several advantages such as: it provides a transparent and safe way to carry out your products; it reduces product handling costs; and it increases the shelf life of goods. As a result, companies can save a substantial amount of money on product distribution. In fact, there are many companies in the USA that provide high-quality custom packaging at competitive prices.

Online Printing Company

“Premium custom boxes” is an online printing company that provides customized printed protective packing materials. We believe that companies whether large or small, must provide appropriate and beautiful packaging for safekeeping of products as it not only helps maintain safe products but also promotes the company. To increase your brand recognition, you can use custom wrapping materials that perfectly reflect your unique selling proposition. If you are looking for superior quality packaging solutions and if you want to increase your returns from the marketing expenses, you should consider printing the company logo on protective sleeves.

Customized Custom Apparel Boxes

One can get different color options in custom apparel boxes according to their own customized needs and requirements. There are standard sizes available in custom apparel boxes. You can go for white, black, brown, neon and other solid colors to suit different types of clothing. Most customers prefer solid colors so that they can easily recognize the branded products from different brands. Shoppers prefer unusual shapes in custom apparel boxes to give a unique identity to their products and brands.


You can add-ons or customize your boxes in any desired shape and size. Cardboard is the most popular material for customization and printing. It is lightweight and cost effective. You can also add-on various finishing touches to customize the cardboard packing. These include embossing, UV coating, gloss and matte finish.

Printing Presses

With modern printing presses, you can print labels on the packaging. If you want a full colored product, you can print labels in color. In custom apparel boxes, it is possible to add a logo of your company or brand, along with the name and address of the customer. You can add additional security features to the packaging, if you want to protect your products.

Customized Packaging

A number of online companies offer you a variety of services in customized packaging. They provide fast delivery of your products and guarantee prompt service. They also customize and print your personalized labels on the boxes and provide various options to add-ons such as security features, address labels and logo. You can request personalized boxes printed according to your brand image or logo. You can order customized apparel custom boxes made from different materials.


Some of the common materials used to make customized apparel products include leather, cardboard, paper, vinyl and fiber. You can personalize your products with customized finishing methods, such as embossing, lamination, hot stamping, heat pressing, debossing and dye sublimation. Different printing techniques are available to print your label on apparel products. Such methods include full color CMYK printing, Pantone, CMYK printing and CMYK/PMS color printing. You can choose one of these methods to print a label on apparel products, according to your business needs.

Unique Packaging

You can add value to the product by using unique and attractive packaging. You can use custom printed boxes to display product information, address, contact information and logo. You can customize product information by using custom box. You can use product information to add value to the product by using unique and attractive packaging. You can use custom printed boxes to display product information, address, contact information and logo.


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