Creating Facebook Contests that Aim at Greater Engagement

Creating Facebook Contests that Aim at Greater Engagement

Facebook is used by most people for connecting and sharing. On this platform, brands and companies can conduct contests when they wish to increase engagement. Along with engagement, goals like brand awareness and lead generation can also be completed with Facebook contests as the social media management agency in Delhi, Value4Brand also suggests. To create contests on Facebook that aim at high engagement, you need to follow just 3 steps. You need to form your goal. Then you need to pick the type of contest. After this, you need to specify the details of the contest.

More about these steps have been explained below:

Step 1: Decide What is to Be Achieved

Making a Facebook contest in the right way can be possible only when you understand what has to be achieved. You may want to achieve the opinions of your customers, collection of data, an increase in sales, etc. Based on the same, you can decide how you want to engage your audience on Facebook.

Step 2: Type of Facebook Contest

Facebook contests can vary. It depends on your goals which type should be considered. Photo contests, referrals, and giveaways can be the most engaging. Photo contests can encourage multiple users to connect and participate, says the Online Reputation Management Services This contest can show results in less time. Giveaway contests can take some time but they ensure participation in large numbers. Referral promotions are apt for lead generation, however, they require enough time to generate good results.

Step 3: Decide How the Content will Run

Value4Brand says that for ensuring maximum engagement on your Facebook contest, you need to state the rules. The rules need to be clearly shared on social media. It can be very helpful to formulate the rules in steps. Also, any prizes associated with the contest should be mentioned. By doing so, right from the beginning, engagement can be aimed at.

Bonus: Tips to Follow while Creating Facebook Contests

In the process of forming a contest on Facebook, a few tips should be kept in mind. By following these tips, as the social media management agency in Delhi shares, both major and minor areas of the contest can get focussed. Hence, the overall results obtained can be fantastic. These tips include:

  • Use images that automatically draw attention to your contest on Facebook.
  • Include headlines that impress the audience.
  • Keep the language of the contest headline and rules simple for every commoner to understand.
  • Always define who can participate in your contest.
  • Highlight important dates and days associated with the contest.


Facebook contests can bring in much engagement when they are properly created. It is not difficult to create them when proper planning has been done. Here, we shared the main steps needed to form such a contest. We also specified the best tips that can improve your contest and make it more successful. By applying them, the best engagement will also be attained.


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