Create Your Preparing to Move Checklist? Don’t Forget These Tasks!

Create Your Preparing to Move Checklist? Don’t Forget These Tasks!

Are you thinking about changing things up and moving to a new home? If so, we couldn’t be more excited for you. Moving to a new home is a great way to end an old chapter of your life and start a new one.

For some people, moving to a bigger, better home is a sign of success. Conversely, you might be moving to a smaller home to save money and pay off debt.

Regardless of why you’re moving, you need to create a preparing to move checklist. This will help you ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

We want to help. Keep reading for a brief moving checklist to make your life easier.

Downsize and Declutter

First, as soon as you’re sure you want to move, start going through your belongings to decide what you want to keep. Go room to room assessing every single item you own. Now is a good time to downsize and declutter, which will also make your move easier.

You can sell anything of value online or at a garage sale. Other items can be donated or thrown away. If you don’t want it, need it, love it, or use it, get rid of it.

Start Packing Early

Once you’ve completed the downsizing process, the next step on our preparing to move checklist is to start packing up the nonessentials. You can start packing weeks, if not months in advance to save yourself stress as your moving date approaches.

Pack up spare bedrooms, spare bathrooms, out-of-season clothing, memorabilia, keepsakes, recreational equipment, etc. The more you can pack up and organize now, the better.

Hire a Moving and Storage Company

If you need help learning how to pack for a move or are incapable of doing the work yourself, you’ll need to hire a moving company. They can also provide you with all the moving supplies you need. In this case, you’ll want to book their services for your exact moving date weeks in advance.

If necessary, look for a moving company that also offers temporary storage solutions. For example, if you don’t have a new home locked down yet and are staying with a friend or at a hotel, you’ll need the storage space until you find a new home. Conversely, if you’re moving to a smaller home, you might not have room for all of your stuff.

Take Care of Your Utilities and Services

Finally, on our preparing to move checklist, make sure you cancel the utilities and services at your old home. This includes things like gas, electricity, water, waste removal, internet, cable, and phone lines. You don’t need to pay for services at a home you’re no longer living at.

Just importantly, you need to activate these utilities and services at your new home. Call ahead of time to make sure you have power, water, and all the other essentials the day you move in.

Did You Check Off Everything On Our Preparing to Move Checklist?

Moving to a new home is a big deal. Even if you’re only moving down the block, the process can be tedious and stressful. We hope our preparing to move checklist helps alleviate some of your stress.

And if you’re looking for more lifestyle or real estate advice, we’re here for you. Before you go, take a look through some of our other articles.

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