Brilliant Packaging Design Trends for 21st Century

Brilliant Packaging Design Trends for 21st Century

Why you need to understand latest packaging trends?

Packaging is the most important factor in selling and engaging more customers. As you know that everything is getting old with the passage of time. So new trends should be introduced in society. Packaging is also getting faded, there should be new trends and inventions in the field of packaging. 

Packaging companies have faced this problem, they invent new and attractive designs for their products. They use some new designs like complete symmetry, single solid colors, cohesive colors, natural colors, etc. With the combination of colors and by using different fonts and designs, they establish their name in packaging fields.

The companies are trying to compete with others and try to introduce new designs because the first attraction of the product to the customer is through the packaging. Following are some new packaging trends for 21 centuries.

Dress your Packaging in Fine Arts

In the present era, mostly companies are following the old trends. Packaging is not a rule of thumb that it remains the same forever. So with time, it would be changed. Now the packaging designers or industries bring a new trend of fine arts in it. Fine arts are the designing of attractive colors that show creativity. You can print your product labels with fine arts designing. Fine arts painting also includes an abstract painting that you can print on the packaging of your product that makes them creative. In any type of printing, try to choose attractive, eco-friendly, and creative colors because of fine arts in the game of colors. 

Brilliant Packaging Design Trends for 21st Century

Use Illustration Patterns on Packaging

In illustration and patterns designing, a collection of tiny and related pictures is designed to look good and does not create a mess. It’s the creativity of designers that design packaging related to your product shows what the product is inside the packaging. It’s an abstract design that represents the collection of pictures in a proper manner. For example, you are engaged in giving fast food services to the public. You designed your packaging and printed a lot of meals like chicken pieces, pizza, frying pans, chips, cold drinks, etc., this printing is known as illustrated packaging. Nowadays, this illustrated pattern packaging is trending.

Use Anatomical Drawing Structure

These designs consist of the structure of the body. There is a new trend that comes into sight nowadays. Energy drinks or meat-selling businesses often use this creative packaging because energy drinks include vitamins in high quantities from the animals. 

For example, your business is of honey, so you print honey bee structure or image on your packaging printing box. This packaging also looks so creative and attracts most customers. However, anatomical structures are body structure designs, so you can use any structure or any design that is related to your product.

Hyper Simplistic Design for Sophisticated Look

Hyper simplistic designs are those which have simple geometric designs with an attractive combination of colors. It’s also trending and new packaging designs for the packaging of your products. Similarly, it’s a design of symmetrical representation of different geometric shapes in different positions or styles. The decent and straightforward design of packaging gives a sophisticated packing look and attracts the customers. If your packaging is overloaded, it creates a mess and exerts a harmful impact. But the simple design of the packaging looks attractive and professional. Furthermore, your packaging also depends upon the targeted audience and the taste of the customers. For example, you cannot serve cartoon character packaging to your mature customers. 

Retro Design Pattern

You may see that not everything is getting old, shocked! Yes, it’s true. You may notice that some old cloth designs fashioned come back again and again after a period of time. For example, cloth designs, hats, belt bags, designs, fonts, music come back from those old years. Old trends become new trends by changing a bit in them. So you have a skill that you can change an old pattern into something new by doing a bit of changing it will best and become a new packaging for your product. These vintage, old graphics or designs also look creative and attractive, but it depends upon your product requirements. 

Create Innovative Designs by Using Natural Color Blocking 

Use natural colors in the design of your product packaging. Natural color blocking is the changing of natural colors randomly but after a specific boundary. Its color blocking is random, not sized, unweighted, and unbalanced. It’s also a trending packaging design of the present era. For example, your packaging consists of light pink, blue and green colors, so pick a color printed almost 45 percent of your packaging, and the other two colors are divided in a ratio of 25 and 30 percent. This is the random division of natural colors; this is an innovative natural color blocking design. There are more natural options that are used in the packaging nowadays.

Natural Materials: The material used for the packaging of products should have 100% natural material that has no side effect on the environment.

Recyclable: The material used for the packaging should be recyclable, not like plastic bags that create harmful effects for nature.

Eco-Friendly: Your natural product should have an eco-friendly environment in nature. It should look attractive to the customer. Do not use pinching colors in your packaging, use natural colors.

Use Symmetry Designs

As we talk about retro packaging, symmetry designs are examples of retro packaging. Symmetry designs are those which are divided in the same equal portion. Now, this design is becoming a trend, many companies are using this design for the printing of packaging. Use different and attractive colors and aesthetic designs for the representation of symmetry designs this will increase your product’s effectiveness towards the customers. 

Story-Driven Designs for Packaging

You may have noticed many packaging that tells their stories by showing characters on the packaging. You can use different and unique characters to tell the story. Your product packaging should have that quality that it itself tells the story that this product is used. For example, you are dealing in energy drinks, you have printed a powerful bodybuilder beast character, which shows that this is a powerful drink that gives you energy. Similarly, you can print dancing fruits that show the customer, you can enjoy its yummy taste after drinking it. These types of characters that tell a story are story-driven packaging designs. 

Use Fancy Fonts

Instead of printing a logo or company name at the center of the packaging, use different or big-sized fonts to represent your company logo or the quality of the product. These fonts should be unique, and each alphabet should have a different style, and it should look creative collectively. This is the new trend for designing the product, and this is an artwork of the designer. 

Use One Solid and Bold Color

The one solid and bold color may look attractive; this looks like a comic book. You can print different and simple designs on it. Many companies never used one solid color packaging because this looks so simple, but now it’s on a trend because adding a simple design will make your packaging look attractive. Choose those colors that look like they are talking to customers; it means that you can use different transparent faces or Emoji’s on it.

Add Only Important Information for Minimal Designing Approach 

As you know, everyone doesn’t feel easy in a crowded place. Similarly, if your packaging has overloaded printing, it looks so messy. So try to print only the necessary information about the product on its packaging. As you learned, “Less is more,” so always remember that do not fill your packaging with designs or graphics, simplicity is the best. Important information should be printed on the product and in a specific place.

Brilliant Packaging Design Trends for 21st Century

Design according to Box Structure

If you are designing your product packaging, you should keep your product in mind. That should not happen if you design packaging that is entirely different from your product. For example, you are selling perfumes or deodorants, and you’re designing its packaging of fire (which are enemies of each other) or something which is different from it. It’s just like an example of you found a rock, and when you are carving it, it seems that you’ll find a diamond and you found just a piece of mud.

Floral Design Pattern for Cosmetic Products

You know that cosmetics are sensitive products, and you can print flowers on their packaging because flowers can show softness. You can also print florals on the perfumes so that they will show the flavor of the perfume. It can exert an attractive and eye-catching phenomenon between the product and the customers. Most cosmetic companies also use one solid color for the packaging so you can print floral designs on it. There are many brands companies that are using Custom Printed boxes to enhance their packaging and trying to give the best and attractive products to the customers. 

Conclusion: Use the new and different innovative designs that can help in engaging more customers. There are many designs that are trending that can help you in designing your unique packaging. 

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