Best CBD oil for dogs

Since we produced our first batch of CBD oil in 2018, it has helped tens of thousands of dogs and has been praised by pharmacists and recommended by veterinarians.

From cultivation and full spectrum to dosage and effects, continue reading to learn how to purchase the best CBD oil for dogs.


Obtaining the proper dosage of CBD drops for dogs is essential if you want your furry friend to benefit from CBD.

CBD oil for dogs dosage is dependent on the size of the animal; a meta-analysis of over a thousand studies on CBD dosage revealed that “higher doses tended to have better therapeutic outcomes than lower doses.”

We sell CBD oil for dogs with concentrations ranging from 150 mg per tincture to 6,000 mg per bottle.

How much CBD oil should your dog receive?

Simply select a bottle based on your dog’s weight, and you will see the recommended dosage range. There are thirty drops in a full dropper, fifteen drops in a half dropper, and seven drops in a quarter dropper.

The low dose is 0.45mg CBD per pound of your dog’s body weight, while the high dose is 0.9mg CBD/lb (1 to 2mg CBD/kg).

How To Apply

We recommend administering CBD oil to your dog by inserting the dropper straight in their mouth; this allows for direct absorption.

If your dog would not allow you to provide CBD oil orally, you can add it to their food, but only approximately one-fifth as much will be absorbed.

For the most finicky dogs, we recommend trying our CBD dog treats, which are designed to contain enough CBD to be effective when consumed.

How Often

CBD can be administered to your dog up to three times per day, although twice per day is sufficient for the majority of dogs.

It is also acceptable to give your dog CBD oil sometimes, as you do not need to taper them off of it as you would with other medications.

How Long do the effects of the drug last?

The first effects of CBD oil for dogs last between six and eight hours, but the advantages improve with continued use over weeks, months, and even years.


Our unique dosing solution allows you to provide a scientifically-based (0.45-0.9mg CBD/lb) amount of CBD to all dogs without requiring a dosage calculator or special syringe.

Our dose technique is simple and accurate to use, and our goods include the ingredients listed on the label.

Our organic extract is tested numerous times to assure its safety, and each batch is evaluated in a third-party lab to confirm its purity.

After which the THC is organically filtered away in order to optimize the advantages of this magnificent plant without the risk of intoxication.

Our plastic droppers are an additional innovation that makes it safe to administer CBD directly into your dog’s mouth, where it is most readily absorbed.

Bioavailability: Our fractionated coconut oil has exceptional characteristics that enhance CBD absorption more than any other carrier oil. In addition, it burns off as energy rather than being stored as fat, has a high shelf life, and a delicious flavor.

Effectiveness: Our broad-spectrum extract is abundant in CBD, CBDV, and CBC, as well as a variety of advantageous terpenes and flavonoids.

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