Become Hafiz In 6 Months By Memorizing Quran

Become Hafiz In 6 Months By Memorizing Quran

Becoming a Hafiz appeals to a lot of Muslims. After all, a Hafiz has great prestige in society for saving the words of God in their minds. But the task is not easy at all. The Holy Quran has 6,236 verses and memorizing them all is indeed very challenging. However, having proper guidance can help a lot and make the task easier such as taking online Quran memorization classes. I often get a question, “I want to memorize the Quran. Can I Hifz Quran in 6 months?” I can neither answer yes nor say no. It is because there are a lot of factors that play their role when it comes to the Quran memorization. 

Some people have sharper minds than others and they are good at picking things up. That is why they can memorize the Quran in 6 months. But there is nothing that can stand against the strong will. If you are determined to become a Hafiz in 6 months, you surely can. However, merely strong will is not going to help you unless you have a proper Quran memorization plan. This is exactly what I am going to share with you. Let me share with you the best Quran memorization program. It will help you know how to memorize Quran in 6 months. 

First thing first. You should know which is the ideal time to memorize the Quran. After spending an exhausting day doing your routine activities is not suitable for Quran memorization. It is because you are not just physically fatigued but also mentally worn-out. That is why you should memorize the Quran early in the morning. You may feel sleepy at that time but it is easy for the brain to grab and store things in it. It will help you pace up your process of Quran memorization. 

  • Make A Quran Memorization Plan

The best way to memorize Quran is to have a proper plan. Set a daily target of how many verses or pages you will memorize. Then stick to that target and try to meet it every day. Some students are too eager and set unrealistic goals. It will do nothing except disheartening you. That is why, always set realistic and achievable goals. The pace can be slow in the beginning. But it will pace with each passing day. 

  • Memorize From The Last Juz

Most of Muslims already know the first chapter of the Quran because of reading it in the Salah. However, starting from the second chapter is difficult for beginners. It is the human psyche to memorize something when it is in chunks. This is what you should apply to figure out an easy way to memorize Quran. You should start memorizing the Quran from the last Juz. It has 78 chapters and most of them consist of only a few verses. That is why it makes it easier to memorize the Quran from the last chapter. 

  • Keep Revising What You Have Already Memorized

Your brain does not keep every information stored forever. It only stores those which are repeated after some time. It keeps the data fresh in it. When you keep memorizing the new verses of the Quran every day, odds are that you may forget the old ones. That is why you should decide a time of the day that is dedicated to revision. If not this, you can choose a specific day where you will revise all the verses you have memorized within these days. 

  • Take Online Quran Memorization Classes

Why learn in madrasa when you can memorize Quran online? Quran memorization is already a challenging thing. When aiming to memorize Quran in 6 months, you should not go to a madrasa. It is because memorizing the verses surrounded by a lot of other loud-reading students makes it more difficult. 

That is why you should look for the online Quran memorization online. You will have one to one session with your online Quran tutor where you can learn in a serene environment. There is no disturbance in online Quran memorization classes that support the aspirants to memorize the Quran in 6 months. That is why an online Quran memorization course is considered the best way to memorize Quran.


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