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Avoid burning out with these simple steps!

When you work for the job you love, no amount of work seems burdensome. However, it does take a toll on your health sooner than later. It is not wrong to give your best at work, but you should also consider finding harmony between work-life balance.

UAE is the first nation to adopt 4 day work week. Later the world observed many other countries like Japan, the UK, and other European countries put this experiment for trial. Since most of the population is experiencing burnout at work – this trial will relax a lot of built-up stress.

While we hope that our country also embraces this ASAP, let’s dig into some remedies to avoid professional burnout.

 No attention to detail

We all know how crucial it becomes to correct even the tiniest things before the big presentation. No doubt you want to portray yourself to be an absolutely perfect professional! However, it also costs your time, skills, and attention that should otherwise focus on other crucial tasks.

Learn to eliminate things that are less significant in the workflow. Automate the process as much as you can. There are various apps available for every step of the workflow. 

For example, is an email search tool that finds any email address for free in seconds! What makes it more interesting is its chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail. You don’t have to switch between different tabs to find one professional’s email contact!

Protip: All the things that cannot be automated can delegate to subordinates. This simple step will ease you from million burdens and improves your focus on more prominent aspects. 

The DIY project

The management role is pretty tricky because most of the time only gets to concentrate on people’s management and less on the process. It leads to a knowledge gap for the manager and trickles down to many other administrative aspects. So, to avoid, acclimate to the ‘do it yourself’ phase.

Create a checklist while doing each step of the process. Documentation helps simplify the process and becomes easy while training a new hire! 

Regardless of whether an employee has done the process a million times, if something goes wrong, you get to verify the checklist to understand what went wrong and where.

 The self-love

Self-love comes into the picture only when you learn to say no to people. It isn’t wrong to say no if it puts your health and stress at ease. We’re only human and are not limitless. 

So, understand where your limit is. Though going the extra mile satisfies the professional ‘you’. But, it costs a mental turmoil to the personal ‘you’.

Schedule some free time during your workdays and weekends too. Find hobbies that fuel your passion and jobs that eases your mind. Travelling is always one of the best solutions to avoid any burnout. 

It frees your mind of all the responsibilities and lets you absorb the new environment & its culture. Travelling also enhances your creativity.

 Final thoughts

Working on what we love makes us concentrate on details, which is always like a coin toss – it can flip to something dire too! 

Having too many to-do lists only means you’re complicating your work process.

Being busy is not always a blessing. So, stop and breathe – and let the workflow itself smoothly!

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