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Attention to rubber: determining the period of tire replacement

Attention to rubber: determining the period of tire replacement

Vehicle tires play a significant role in safety. They are the main factor that affects the handling, braking, and driving safety of a car.

Signs of tire wear

Minor troubles are the first sign that it’s time to pay attention to tires

Make it a rule to carry out visual inspections of tires regularly.

If you notice any signs of initial wear, check, and correct the following problems or replace the tires:

Insufficient tire pressure problem

The checks carried out showed that at least half of the cars on the highway could ride on one or two insufficiently inflated wheels. Part of the problem is that some of the air from the tires escapes through the rubber, which interacts with the wheel and valve. And sometimes, it happens so slowly that most drivers do not understand how this happens.

In addition, seasonal fluctuations in air temperature can also lower tire pressure.

Since the sidewall deflects more at low pressure, this is fraught with loss of control over the car’s handling, which is the main task of tires. Even a slight decrease in pressure, such as 0.28 kg-s / cm², can significantly complicate the vehicle’s handling. In addition to this, insufficient pressure in the wheels leads to excessive consumption of fuel, which will cost you a pretty penny.

Excessive bending of the tire sidewalls can cause the tire to overheat. And this, in turn, will significantly shorten the life of the rubber and can also cause the tread to flake or rupture.

Tips for rubber care


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