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Are Modern Furniture Stores in Toronto Contemporary, Too?

You can buy furniture from one of the modern furniture stores in Toronto and give your home a modern look. Additionally, many furniture buyers have a perception that modern and contemporary furniture is the same. They invest in contemporary furniture from furniture stores while looking for modern furniture, for the same reason. Of course, people use the terms modern and contemporary furniture interchangeably, but they are different. You should know the differences between modern and contemporary furniture before buying furniture for home decoration (décor). We shall tell you about the differences between the two and why you should buy modern/contemporary furniture.

How Can You Differentiate Between Modern and Contemporary Furniture?

The concept of modern furniture came into existence in the early 1900s as an alternative to ornate furniture designs. Modern furniture designs follow the principle of simplicity and neatness. Modern furniture is minimalistic, smooth, clean, versatile, and features neutral colours. It gained popularity between the 1950s and 1960s. It doesn’t mean that modern furniture is not the choice for home décor today. It is still a popular choice for home décor; thus, you can find many modern furniture stores nowadays.

On the other hand, contemporary furniture includes furniture designs of today. Contemporary furniture pieces don’t represent any furniture movement. However, one conspicuous difference between the two is the use of lines and curves. Modern furniture items have straight lines, whereas contemporary items feature sweeping curves. Additionally, contemporary furniture has bold colours, whereas modern items have neutral colours. Based on their differences, you can conveniently identify these two furniture types in a modern furniture store in Toronto.

Why Don’t You Find Contemporary Furniture Stores?

You will find many modern furniture stores in Toronto. Thus, you can conveniently choose a preferred modern furniture store and buy furniture items for home décor. Have you ever wondered: Why don’t you find contemporary furniture stores in Toronto? You don’t find contemporary furniture stores because people think both modern and contemporary furniture is the same. You can call a modern furniture store, contemporary, too, for the previous reason. Hence, you can shop for both contemporary and modern furniture in modern furniture stores.

Why Should You Buy Modern or Contemporary Furniture Pieces?

One of the core reasons to invest in modern furniture is to give your home a modern look. Moreover, buying modern furniture or contemporary furniture from a furniture store is beneficial in various ways. Here are our reasons why you should purchase modern/contemporary furniture in Toronto:

  • Functionality: Modern furniture items are highly functional, and many of those items are multipurpose. You can save your money and home space if you invest in multi-functional furniture. Moreover, investing in modern furniture is the right thing to do if your house is not big. 
  1. Ease of Handling: Moving modern furniture from one place to another is convenient compared to traditional furniture. Traditional furniture pieces are heavier and restrict loads of space. On the other hand, you can place modern furniture items conveniently in a condo without restricting space.
  1. Versatility: Modern furniture items are versatile. You will find modern furniture items of different materials than wood only. It is up to your preferences of the materials and requirements to invest in modern furniture. You lack options for materials except for wood when buying traditional furniture pieces.
  1. Adorability: Modern or contemporary furniture items look adorable. You may invest in modern or contemporary furniture pieces for home décor and improve its appearance. You can also inspire your guests or friends with a modern home décor owing to modern furniture appeal.

Make sure you don’t compromise on the durability of modern/contemporary furniture when buying it online.


You will find many modern furniture stores in Toronto, where you can find modern furniture for home décor. Nonetheless, people may purchase contemporary furniture for modern home décor without realizing it. People think modern and contemporary furniture is the same, but they aren’t. Modern furniture designs gained popularity between the 1950s and 1960. On the other hand, contemporary furniture designs are furniture items in use today.

Additionally, modern furniture items have minimalistic designs and neutral colours alongside straight lines. Contemporary furniture features bold colours. Modern furniture stores have contemporary furniture items, too, because people think they are the same. You should invest in modern/contemporary furniture items because of their functionality, ease of handling, versatility, and appeal.

Buona Furniture ( is a furniture store in Toronto that offers modern and contemporary furniture at affordable prices.

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