Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe for Pets?

Are Essential Oil Diffusers Safe for Pets?

Scent diffusers are among the trendiest items in both home décor and home fragrance. Chances are, you might like to add one to your living space. 

If you have a pet, though, you need to pause before you do that. When they’re used incorrectly, diffusers interfere with pet safety! You don’t want anything to happen to your furry friend, so educate yourself before purchasing one.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using diffusers around pets. 

How Does a Diffuser Work?

An electric oil diffuser works by diffusing droplets of essential oils or liquid potpourri into the air. If your model uses water, it dilutes the oils before distributing them out as a mist. Waterless diffusers disperse pure concentrated oils for an intense aroma. 

Different models, like nebulizing or ultrasonic, work in different ways. The result is always the same, though, as they diffuse scents into your environment for an elevated ambiance. 

How Do Pets Get Affected by Diffusers?

You may wonder what pet safety has to do with diffusers. Essential oils are often dangerous to apply to pets. However, if you aren’t careful, oils can also be toxic for them to breathe in.

When those droplets get released into the air, they can end up in your pet’s lungs and airways. As a result, your furry friend could get an infected or irritated respiratory system. If your pet has asthma or chronic bronchitis, they are especially at risk.

Other potential problems to be aware of are tremors, difficulty breathing, and vomiting.

What Scents Are Okay?

Some essential oils are safe to get used around pets. In fact, you can even find specific scents for pets. Lavender, bergamot, chamomile, and frankincense are generally acceptable.

No matter what pet you have, toxic scents include cinnamon, citrus, pine, and pennyroyal. When it comes to dog safety, don’t use scents like peppermint, anise, and garlic. For cat safety, steer clear of eucalyptus, tea tree, and oregano. 

How Can I Use a Diffuser Safely?

If you’re going to use a scent diffuser, think about your pet’s safety first. While they can be dangerous for animals, you can still use your diffuser as long as you take precautions. The best starting point is speaking with your veterinarian about what is and isn’t safe. 

With your vet’s approval, you can use your scent diffuser as long as you’re using safe liquid potpourri. It’s recommended that you keep your pet out of the room while it’s running, though. Don’t leave it on for long periods, either. 

If you’re concerned that your pet has come into contact with any toxins, contact an animal poison control helpline or visit an emergency pet hospital.

Prioritize Pet Safety While Using a Scent Diffuser

Scent diffusers are a perfect way to elevate the mood in your home. If you have any furry friends hanging around, though, they could be at risk of getting sick from it. To maintain pet safety, be sure to follow the proper precautions at all times.

To learn more pet safety tips, read some other guides on our website.

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