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All You Need To Know About Storing Car Tyres

For people living in places where climate changes frequently, changing car tyres is inevitable. While you switch to your summer tyres, winter tyres need to be stored safely for the next season. However, not many of us know the right way to store our tyres.

If you don’t know the proper way to store your car tyre, you may end up getting your tyres deformed or severely damaged. Therefore, you should follow these tips to ensure that your Bridgestone Tyres West Bromwich are stored in the right way.

Wash Your Tyres

A tyre that has a lot of dust and dirt in its treads is prone to get deteriorated in storage. Moreover, while running, your tyres may have come in contact with chemicals and other toxic substances. So it is very important to clean your tyres thoroughly, using a mixture of detergent or soap with water.    

Use a brush to clean inside the tread depths. When you are finished, keep your tyre out in the sun to dry for a few hours. Along with this, use a vacuum cleaner to take out dust stuck in between the treads. 

Check For Damages

Inspecting your car tyres before storing them is a very crucial step. Therefore, you need to check for punctures, cracks or even small damages on the sidewalls of your tyres. It will be a better practice to get your tyres checked at a professional repair service centre. 

Once all the damages are repaired, you are all set to store your car tyres.  

Pack Them 

To keep your car tyres safe, pack them in plastic bags. Do not make the mistake of applying any chemical shiners to the tyre’s surface. Chemical residue on a car tyre results in its corrosion over a long period of time. 

Moreover, you need to ensure that your car tyres are kept in airtight condition. A little amount of water can have a serious impact on your car tyres. Therefore, you need to remove all the air and water from the bag using a vacuum cleaner. Now seal the mouth of those bags with tape to ensure no amount of air or water gets in. 

Keep It Away From Sunlight

Car tyres, when exposed to ozone rays, get corroded very easily. So you need to find a cool place to store your car tyres. This doesn’t mean that you can keep them in freezing cold places. An excessive lower temperature may dry up your tyre compound, making your car tyres obsolete.

However, if you are facing difficulty in finding the optimal place for storing your car tyres, find a storage unit close to your place and keep your tyres there. These places have expert professionals who will take good care of your car tyres.

Store Tyres Far From Chemicals

As we have discussed previously, tyres do not do well with chemicals over a long period of time. So you need to ensure that your storage unit doesn’t have any barrels of toxic chemicals around.

Arrange Them Nicely

Car tyres can be kept in storage in various fashions, and some of them are as follows.

Upright Position

If you are keeping your tyres for a whole season, arrange them in an upright position. In this way, tyres don’t lose their shape and can easily be kept for a long time. 

Stacking Over One Another 

Stacking your car tyres is another way of storing them. However, when storing tyres for a long time, stacking car tyres is not advisable, as it can lead to serious deformities in the sidewalls of tyres.

Hanging Them

Before you hang your tyres from a hock, ensure that they are mounted on wheels. You should never hang an unmounted tyre, as it may lead to serious damages to your car tyres. Cheap Tyres West Bromwich are most prone to these damages. 


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