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All you need to know about Brazilian coffee beans

All you need to know about Brazilian coffee beans

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans in the world and while it isn’t the force that it used to be in the 1920s when it accounted for the production of 80% coffee beans, a century later, it still remains one of the largest coffee producers in the world, accounting for nearly 30% all coffee production in the world. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, the largest exporter and also the largest consumer. Brazil consumes most of the coffee beans it produces and then countries like USA, Italy, Japan and Germany are some of the largest importers of coffee bean from Brazil. Most Brazilian coffee beans are characterized by a mellow flavor which is responsible for it’s dark roast. Some of the most premium coffee bean from Brazil are labeled Santos and it is named after the port that it is shipped through. 

What makes Brazil the largest producer and exporter of Coffee?

Brazil, the world’s 5th largest country by population and size is by some distance the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. If estimates are anything to go by than Brazil is responsible for around 60% of all coffee exports in the world and it is mainly because of the sheer size of coffee production in the country. Coffee bean from Brazil have millions of fans around the world and it is mainly because Brazilian coffee beans is known to have a very high perceived value. Beyond the perceptions, Brazil actually produces some of the highest-quality coffee in the world and that is mainly because the altitudes and climatic conditions in Brazil are highly conducive for growing some of the highest-quality coffee known to man. Most coffee beans produced in Brazil are Arabica and hence most coffee bean in Brazil exported to other countries are also Arabica beans which is considered to be the gold standard of coffee worldwide.

What are some of the main characteristics of Brazilian coffee?

Coffee bean from Brazil are characterized by very low acidity levels and it is seen that most of these beans mostly exhibit a somewhat nutty and sweet flavor. Sometimes the flavor of coffee bean from brazil can also be bittersweet with a somewhat sweet chocolaty roast taste. Thus, it comes as no surprise to note that most unroasted green coffee grown in Brazil is actually dry processed. Out all of the characteristics perhaps the most striking aspect of coffee bean from Brazil is its affordable price despite the richness and superiority over other coffee beans. Further, the ‘mildness’ of coffee bean from Brazil easily helps in balancing out the other intense coffee beans. It’s already quite evident that a wide range of benefits can be availed by driking coffee and the benefits actually depends on the quality of the coffee beans so if you intend to get the best ‘health’ benefits out of coffee then you must source coffee bean from Brazil and consume the same.

Let’s have a look at some of the best brands of Brazilian coffee beans

Brazil remains the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world and thus it comes as no surprise to anyone to note that Brazil is home to some of the biggest and most popular coffee beans brands in the world. The main focus of Brazil’s coffee industry is their quantity output. Further, Brazilian coffee doesn’t have the same elevation as other countries and hence coffee bean from Brazil are known to be quite good “base” coffees with somewhat mild flavors. What this means is that such coffee beans are mostly used as fillers rather than being used as the main fueling force of the flavor of the coffee. Brazil is home to a lot of varieties of coffee and out of all the coffee varieties, premium specialty coffees actually make for a very less percentage but they do tend to exist. The Brazilian national government has had quite good relations with the governments of countries based in North America and the European Union and this means that Brazilian coffee brands are able to easily export their coffee beans to other markets. Coffee is produced all around Brazil but Cerrado, Matas de Minas, Mogiana and Sul de Minas happen to be the largest coffee growing regions in Brazil.

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