A Guide to the Best EMR for Urgent Care

A Guide to the Best EMR for Urgent Care


Urgent care facilities and emergency healthcare centers require an electronic medical record (EMR) system to keep up with an urgent care facility’s fast-paced, high-volume workflow. The specialty-specific EMR software enables emergency hospital doctors and practitioners to handle their institutions’ massive workloads more efficiently. In addition, urgent care EHR software enhances an emergency center’s particular workflow. 

As a result, an EMR software solution optimized and specialized in urgent care will provide more value and lower usage costs than other specialty-specific software options. For instance, this includes lowering patient check-in and wait times and devising techniques to track primary concerns quickly while providing the flexibility essential for more complex problems. Furthermore, most urgent care centers and emergency rooms require particular billing and coding to optimize revenues and profit margins, which specialty-specific EMR offer.

Popular Features of Urgent Care EMR Software 

Urgent care EMR software is easy to install and operate. Most of them include remote backup configuration as well as ongoing maintenance. Some of the most popular features of urgent care EMR software include the following.

Integration with Diagnostic Tools

An urgent care EMR platform may link to all medical equipment necessary for emergency rooms and urgent care facilities, including Holter monitors, radiography, ECGs, X-rays, laboratory reports, and more.

SOAP Note Templates 

As most patients visit urgent care clinics for minor issues, the specialty-specific EMR should make it simple to record these encounters. Moreover, an urgent care EMR must also include a clinical database large enough to handle even the most complex cases. Overall, an urgent care EMR provides templates that correlate to your facility’s procedural requirements.

Electronic Prescriptions 

You can electronically send prescriptions directly from the urgent care EMR systems to the pharmacy on-site or at the patient’s preferred location, saving paperwork and administrative expenses as well as the chance of human error. In addition, the e-prescription feature saves up most of your time; therefore, you can concentrate on other essential tasks.

Patient Files 

Many urgent care EMR solutions include patient intake forms intended to provide rapid check-in and reduce wait times. Furthermore, with an urgent care EMR, you can directly link electronic check-ins to physician notes, digitally confirm insurance, and evaluate wait time to improve quality assurance.

Financial Management

An EMR designed for urgent care facilities includes specific codes for emergency/after-hours services and specialist treatments like fracture rehabilitation and laceration repairs. Furthermore, they support the institution in charging various payers, including employers (for services such as physicals and drug screening), worker’s compensation claims, group health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and self-pay.

Our Top Picks for Urgent Care EMR Software 

According to user reviews, the most popular EMR Software for urgent care practices include the following. 

PrognoCIS EMR Software 

PrognoCIS is one of the top EMR for urgent care facilities. The program is simple to use, but its most notable feature is the telemedicine option, enabling you to communicate with your patients virtually. Telemedicine skills also allow you to diagnose and treat patients through virtual appointments, often video conversations. 

Furthermore, this method was helpful during Covid-19, when lockdowns were in effect, and people did not want to access medical facilities and clinics until necessary. Several urgent care EMR users laud PrognoCIS’s telemedicine feature solely for this reason.

DrChrono EMR Software

DrChrono is a well-known EMR Software for urgent care that has several essential features. DrChrono EMR software has a templates function that provides you with several templates to choose from and the opportunity to modify specific components to suit your urgent care practices’ needs.

DrChrono also has an e-prescription feature that allows patients to order medications online. In addition, with several clicks, you can make prescriptions and transmit them to your patient’s chosen pharmacy. DrChrono EMR Software receives positive feedback from many urgent care EMR reviews.

Kareo EMR Software 

Kareo is another well-known EMR that offers exceptional capabilities for urgent care practices. The program contains several useful features that might make running an urgent care clinic a breeze. Kareo EMR allows urgent care practices to book patients, validate insurance, handle pending accounts and collections, maintain patient paperwork, generate customizable reports, and much more.

Practice sessions can begin within 48 hours of signing up. The system is available for a low monthly membership fee with no commitment and no set-up costs. 

AdvancedMD EMR Software 

AdvancedMD is a comprehensive suite of software solutions designed for urgent care facilities. Practice management, electronic health records, medical billing, a patient portal, telehealth capability, clinical charts, and financial analytics are all aspects that you can integrate to maximize your urgent care workflow.

You can also send text or email reminders for patient appointments via AdvancedMD. Integrated processes automate and enhance the patient experience and allow you to concentrate on your patients and their treatment. 

RXNT EMR Software 

The final product on our list for urgent care EMR software is RXNT, a well-known name in the EMR software industry. RXNT EMR Software is user-friendly and helps you streamline your clinical, financial, and administrative tasks. Moreover, the software will work for you whether you run a small practice or large. 

Another vital feature of RXNT EMR that users love is how easy the software is to use. Furthermore, with RXNT’s powerful medical billing, integrated scheduling, and revenue cycle management, you may be paid faster.

Our Final Thoughts 

Urgent Care EMR helps you manage your practice efficiently and promptly. Keep our recommendations in mind while you make your final decision, and you’ll have a higher chance of finding the ideal fit for your practice.

You can also schedule an urgent care EMR demo to determine whether the program meets all of your practice’s needs. Furthermore, urgent care software reviews might assist you in evaluating the software from the perspective of current users. Finally, we wish you the best in your search for the best urgent care EMR software for your clinic.


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