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A comprehensive guide to get low interest rate personal loans

low interest rate personal loans

A personal loan is a magical weapon to consider when you face short-term or temporary money issues. Eventually, it can be your arsenal against financial brutes that cause you sleepless nights. However, a number of people think that personal loans come with extensive interest rates that can be unbearable sometimes. Yet, there is a most intriguing fact about personal loans these days. 

Some lenders in India offer low interest rate personal loans, which truly depend on numerous factors within your control. Below mentioned are some solid factors that can partially influence your interest rates for personal loans:

So, let us discuss how you can avail yourself of a personal loan with lower interest rates. 

Procedure to get the more moderate interest rate for personal loans:

Are you wondering the means to appeal for a personal loan with a more moderate interest rate? Here are some valuable tips that you can count to avail of the loan:

Affecting factors of Personal Loan Interest Rates:

The below mentioned are some common factors that generally affect your personal loan interest rates:

Floating interest rates v/s Fixed interest rates – Which to consider?

If you wish to avail of a personal loan, there are two types of interest rates that you should know – Fixed interest rates & Floating interest rates. Under fixed interest rates, the fund lending company will charge you the equal interest rates during the entire loan restitution period.

On the opposite side, the floating interest rate is a variable associated with the MCLR. Therefore, it generates a inconstancy in the interest rate as and when the MCLR reforms.

If you do not mind a fluctuating interest rate, you can avail of a floating interest rate. This scheme comes with the benefit of a variable interest rate. Your pay off amount will get lessened when the rate of interest is below.

However, the benefit of opting fixed interest rate is that the applicant already is aware of exactly how much he/she will get charged during the tenure. 


If you are looking for low interest rate personal loans, we hope this write up will help you capture a reliable decision ahead. It’s always ideal to evaluate your payable before you apply for the loan. 


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