6 Tips For Planning A Surprise Birthday Party

6 Tips For Planning A Surprise Birthday Party

Party is where people gather together and make some great memories. But if you are a surprise planner, you are awesome! Throwing a surprise birthday party by keeping a secret turns out to be the best birthday gift for the person most of the time. 

To your help, here are the best ways explained to plan a surprise birthday celebration so that the star of the party would love this surprise get-together. Have a look! 

Planning a surprise birthday party 

  1. Picking the location 

Now that you are throwing a party, keeping things simple will work in the best way. Plan it at your friend’s house or at a hangout spot for the same. If you are picking a familiar place, there is a possibility that the birthday person will not be able to reveal the secret until the last moment. 

Cool idea, isn’t it? For those who are unable to attend the gathering, you can use virtual mediums to keep the party going from different locations. 

  1. Sending the invites 

Sending an invitation is the next thing. Either keeps it virtual or traditional by making paper invitations. Social media has made surprise planning easier. Create a private group and finalize things with your gang excluding the birthday person. 

Group chat is another amazing option for such events. You can easily keep a record of who is attending, sending reminders, sharing ideas, and keep each of the attendees up to date. 

Ordering balloon flower bouquet for the birthday person will fill them with joy! Share each of your plans with the group so that the party goes well. 

  1. Choosing a theme

Now decoration is obviously the essential part of a party. Keep the birthday person in the focus area and observe which kind of parties they like to enjoy or have attended in the past. Get an idea of their favorite decor, food, drink, and vibe to add the same into the surprise plan. 

They may be a fan of a specific character, say Harry Potter or Disney. Keep it as a theme of your party, they will surely love it! The theme decoration ideas work in a better way for your surprise plan. 

Try to go with gold-edged paper plates for an environment-friendly plan. You can choose a curtain of fairy lights so that the space feels delighted to everybody. The area filled with balloons will look best with any theme you choose. 

  1. Menu planning 

The food samples should reflect the choice of the birthday person. Do they like sweet things? Or are they fond of burgers? Pack the table as per the choice of that special person so that they feel notable. 

Keeping the simple preparation will surely deliver delish results. Don’t forget the cake! Get the cake delivery Kuala Lumpur for the special person to save your time. 

Include recipes like a champagne punch, peach mocktails, stuffed mushrooms, birthday cupcakes so that everyone can have a delicious time together.

  1. Taking care of the surprise 

You are the host of the party and have done all the work for the surprise event. Make sure that not a single reveals to the main person until the last minute. No promotions, no social media posts to avoid the doubts by the guest of honor. 

Keep the venue or nearby stress clear for the person. Make the birthday boy or girl feel great as they walk into the party. 

As it is their day, try to pamper them on their special day. Make them dressed and ready for this surprise event after they get to know about the plan. For showing your gesture, you can also plan transportation for the special person. 

Give a person the responsibility to bring him or her to the party. Make sure to clear all the obstructions so that there is no chance of arriving late and the plan deliver exactly as planned.

  1. Last things

Finally, the moment is here! The birthday person has arrived at the party. Now is the time to expose the surprise. Make sure all the planned things are according to the preferences of the special person. 

When you will be planning the party, the exposure of the surprise should be according to the person’s choice. It is good if they like surprises and you can plan some great things for that. 

If they like capturing the memories getting the camera is a good idea to capture the moment. You can make the arrangements better by getting everything at home. No need to waste time and effort on the shops. 

Order cake delivery Kuala Lumpur today and hire a party planner to get the things sorted. If the person has a choice of low-key, make the surprise go slowly for them. Let them enjoy the party and have a get-together at a single place. 

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