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5 tips to securely deliver your cookies in the rainy season at the customer’s doorstep

Imagine you are sitting in your garden under some shed on rainy days, and your table has tea with cookies to make your mood entertaining. So, cookies are an essential part of our snack time no matter what season is going. In this regard, bakery chiefs introduce many mouthwatering and unique flavors of cookies for their loving customers. 

The aroma and delicious taste of these cookies are enough to grasp the attention of the users. But when bakeries provide home delivery, then they face big trouble how to securely ship this perishable and sensitive product without any problem at the customer’s doorstep. For this purpose, custom cookie boxes are the right option for these bakeries. Let us see some time that helps you to protect your cookies. 

5 tips to securely deliver your cookies in the rainy season at the customer's doorstep

Use durable cardstock for cookies packaging 

The material of custom cookie packaging provides strong walls to your inside packed content. So, it must be durable and prowess to bear the weight of the product. Add to this, the material you choose for your cookie cartons must have the ability to absorb moisture and humidity. Consequently, you can deliver premium quality and fresh cookies inside the box. Here is the list of materials that you can use for cookie boxes:

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Rigid 
  • Corrugated
  • Bux 

All the cardstocks mentioned above are eco-friendly and robust to prevent your cookies from being lost. Plus, you can increase the thickness of cardstock as per your choice. Apart from this, you can choose tin and plastic cookie boxes for delivery purposes. 

Inserting the partitions and dividers 

You can insert dividers and partitions in the cookie boxes that help your cookies to prevent cracking and damaging. Apart from this, cookie boxes with dividers are enough to put a positive and valuable impression on the customer’s mind. You can order such inserts for cookie packaging wholesale through a trustworthy packaging supplier at affordable rates. 

Apply lamination on the box 

In the rainy season, your cookies have a threat to effect from the moisture and humidity of the atmosphere. In this regard, you can apply lamination and an aqueous coating to cookie packaging. Lamination provides hurdles against moisture, and aqueous coating protects your box printing from vanishing. Add to this; Kraft has the superpower to absorb moisture, so you can easily pick them for your cookie cartons. 

Pick airtight closure box style 

Always pick the airtight containers to present your cookies in front of your customers. For this purpose, you need to finalize the cookie packaging boxes style that protects your cookies from damage. So, you can pick seal end boxes, tuck end boxes, double wall front tuck, gable boxes, hexagon two pc boxes, and four corner cake boxes. All these cookie boxes are best to secure your product from the air and maintain the yummy taste of cookies. 


Go for secondary and tertiary packaging 

If you provide pick-up services for cookies, then you can use a single box with a shopping bag. But when you provide products delivery services, you need to consider all impacts to provide the best user experience and healthy food item. At that time, you can pick the option of secondary and tertiary packaging to deliver your cookies and confectionary items securely at the customer’s doorstep. You can print customized cookie boxes for secondary and tertiary packaging. It helps your branding and promotes your brand to make them grist for the gossip mill and eventually enhance your sales and revenue. Here are some options that you op to make them customized

  • Placing logo 
  • Brand name 
  • Est. (brand established date)
  • Use of esthetic design
  • Product name 

Wrapping up discussion 

The above discussion explains the tips that help bakeries securely ship the cookies and other confectioners at the customer’s doorstep. In this regard, you can use inserts, cardboard material, lamination, and coating in a custom cookie box to securely pack your cookies. Such material helps your cookies to stay separate, damaging, and soggy effects. Hopefully, this article helps you securely ship your cookies without any loss to your buyer’s doors. 

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