5 Reasons Why You Must Go for Tanzania Safari At least Once

5 Reasons Why You Must Go for Tanzania Safari At least Once

Safari tours are fun, adventurous and sometimes unexpected. You can enjoy the thrill of a safari tour with family, friends and even by yourself. It definitely takes you closer to nature and witness the beautiful world that we live in.

But among several safari tours around the world, one particular one stands out from the rest and for all the good reasons. We are talking about the Tanzania Safari which is one of the most popular safaris in the world.

The safari tours in Tanzania are vast and still encapsulate the natural environment despite the impact of modern civilization pretty much everywhere. Tourists can experience the true essence of wilderness and the grandeur of nature’s wildlife.

Here, we’ve highlighted a few obvious reasons why you must take a Tanzania safari tour at least once in your lifetime. Keep reading more to find out.

1. The unexploited wildlife

As mentioned earlier, Tanzania is the only place in the world that hasn’t been completely influenced by the impact of civilization over the years. Nearly a third of land in Tanzania has been under strict safeguarding for more than several decades.

This means that a major category of safari species have flourished and even evolved over the years. The Big Five (Lions, leopards, elephants, African buffalo and black rhinos) is also the highlight of Tanzanian safari rides as the wildlife management of the country has done an amazing job of sustaining a vast population of the Big Five.

You will spot everything that you’ve hoped for, in a safari tour when you make your visit to Tanzania safari tour. The Tanzanian wildlife is rich and diverse and draws huge crowds in its safari tours.

2. Diverse topography & picturesque landscapes

While almost every safari tour offers beautiful landscapes, the Tanzania safari is known for its diverse topography which sets them apart from all the other safari destinations. From stretches of plain to unruly hills, Tanzania has got dynamic landscapes to offer to tourists.

The Ngorongoro Crater is one of the topographical wonders that locals and tourists love to visit. The hills in the surrounding stretches of land give a natural habitat and protect a variety of wildlife.

Whereas in the north, the Serengeti ecosystem dominates and offers open plains all the way to the south, mountainous rifts in the north and waterways all around the region. The diverseness of Tanzanian landscapes will definitely mesmerize the onlookers who go on this amazing safari trip.

3. The Great Migration

At Tanzania Safari, tourists get to witness one of nature’s wondrous and fascinating rituals. The Great Migration is a stunning animal-led custom where herds of animals jump through rivers, speed across vast stretches of desert plains and migrate across the wilderness.

Almost 80% of this mesmerizing event takes place in the lands of Tanzania specifically in the Serengeti region. Make sure to take your binoculars and prep your camera to capture this enthralling event.

4. Good weather throughout the year

Tanzania is an equatorial country and hence is blessed with year-round good weather. Only a slight seasonal change is witnessed, however, the majority of months see pleasant weather conditions.

Warm temperature with ample sunshine makes up for a perfect safari tour in Tanzania. March and April are rainy but the rest of the months are dry and perfect for safari outings.

5. A range of safari ride options

Some of the safari tours are restricted to four wheels only and that can take away the thrill of safari rides in some ways. But in Tanzania safaris, tourists get to choose from quite a few options for safari rides.

Tanzanian safaris are advanced and offer on-foot, land and even sky safari rides. All of the options for safari rides are designed to be safe and suitable for the tourists to enjoy without any inconvenience.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the once in a lifetime experience of Tanzania safari.

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