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5 Popular Wow Products Which You Must Consider Buying

Dreamy hair and flawless skin are some of the lustrous things we all want. Who doesn’t want to have products that are completely sulphate, paraben and chemical-free? Well, the beauty and personal care brand WOW truly believes in the concept of chemical and preservative free products. WOW is a brand that has been ruling the hearts of people for a long time now and the products get extremely positive reviews when it comes to skin care, hair care, wellness or personal care. 

Without exaggerating about this pioneer, let’s have a look at the five absolutely ‘wow’ products that surely should be a part of everybody’s skincare or haircare list. 

It’s an apple cider vinegar shampoo that’s devoid of parabens and sulphates. Because of the negative consequences of the chemicals, many individuals are contemplating utilising paraben and sulphate free shampoos these days. It’s essentially a skin scalp clarifying shampoo with DHT blockers. This implies that it prevents hair loss caused by the DHT hormone while also moisturising dry and damaged hair. Because it is composed entirely of natural botanicals, you can be confident that your hair will receive the nutrients it requires without the use of chemicals. Everyday styling chemicals and pollutants may wreak havoc on your hair and scalp, but opting for an apple cider vinegar shampoo cleanses, nourishes, and heals the damage.

  • WOW Aloe Vera Gel 

This is the brand’s best-selling item. You may use this organic Aloe Vera Gel as a daily moisturiser for your face and hair. Indeed, many individuals use aloe vera gel as a shaving cream. It is one of the greatest natural components for your beauty since it is high in nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E, B12, and Folic acid, among others. It is the best Aloe Vera Gel brand that is free of parabens and mineral oils. Its packaging is quite appealing, and it might be great for acne-prone oily skin as well. It is free of any artificial odours or colours and has a great consistency. It may also be used as a moisturiser in the summer and winter to keep the skin hydrated. One of the greatest high-quality gels that we offer is the 99 percent pure Aloe Vera Gel. It also controls frizzy hair and has a cooling effect on the scalp when used on a regular basis. Many consumers feel it is an excellent multipurpose product for them.

  • WOW 10 in 1 Active Day Cream 

It has gotten rave reviews from happy consumers. The product is a best-seller in this category since it does not include any parabens or mineral oil. It uses cutting-edge technology to keep your skin moisturised. It essentially repairs the damage while also providing natural nutrients to your skin. This herbal cream contains Eco-certified bioactive components. Aloe juice, cocoa butter, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, collagen, coconut oil, beetroot extract, vitamin B5, and Moroccan Argan oil are all bioactive. It quickly absorbs and deeply revitalises dull skin. It is a powerful anti-aging damage repair cream that may be used by both men and women. Because it does not include SPF, it may be used as both a day and night cream for your skin. The product is better suited to dry skin than oily skin.

  • WOW Conditioner 

When you have severely dry hair, you should apply a moisturising conditioner. This conditioner includes extra virgin coconut oil and avocado oil, which are both suitable for color-treated and damaged hair. It is a deep conditioning treatment for weak and damaged hair. Because it contains bioactive components, it guarantees that each hair strand is properly fed. It strengthens the hair roots and improves the condition. To ensure optimal performance for dry hair ends, it combines wonderful moisturising components such as wheat protein, sweet almond oil, castor oil, and Argan oil. It is the most effective in treating breakage, split ends, and frizzy hair. This is the greatest dry hair conditioner.

  • WOW Anti Pollution SPF50 Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion 

WOW anti-pollution sunscreen is appropriate for skin types ranging from dry to normal. It protects your skin from PM 2.5, which means it effectively avoids pollution, smoke, and smoke damage. Pm 2.5 pollution causes the skin to become dry, dull, sensitive, and itchy. Furthermore, it causes accelerated aging of the skin. It is a clinically proven product that assures your skin’s protection. Its recipe is suitable for dry to normal skin, however for oily skin, I find it a little sticky after a while. As a result, while it can be used for oily skin in the winter, it may not be as effective in the summer in high altitude locations.


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