Increase Safety at Your Workplace

4 Touchless Technologies to Increase Safety at Your Workplace

Touchless technologies have now made life easier as they are competent in saving your time and energy.

And when it comes to the workplace, then these touchless technologies play a vital role there. Your workplace is a high traffic area where maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance. The use of contactless technologies makes it easier and safer for everyone. 

There are certain ways in which you can increase the safety at your workplace making it safe for the staff as well as the visitors. Here are some of the technologies that will help you increase the safety of your workplace. 

4 Touchless Technologies to Increase Workplace Safety

These touchless solutions will make your work easier and it will secure people from getting infected by the flu and bacterias present in the air and on the hands. Along with the safety, they even provide an impressive appeal to the place that looks just sterling.  

  1. Online Appointments

The first thing that you need to do is to control your offline appointments and make it online. It provides you safety and makes it convenient for the staff as well as the client. 

This saves you from certain office visits that are better preferred in this pandemic era. Many offices book telephonic appointments and many of them have the official website on which people can book the appointments and be there at the allotted time. 

Online Appointments

For a better state of economy, implementing an online appointment is a great idea. It may happen that you visit the office and the person to whom you want to meet. 

Therefore it’s better to make a call and fix an appointment so that it becomes more convenient from both sides.    

  1. Sensor Taps 

Sensor Taps

Using an automatic sensor tap is considered to be one of the most brilliant ideas for workplaces. If you are working in a chemical company or a pharma industry then the use of these taps is a must.

You would be having particles of chemicals in your hand that may harm others if it remains on the tap. So installing a sensor tap there is relevant as it will restrict the spread of germs and bacteria. 

The taps are easily available at online and offline stores in a variety of designs and shapes. You  can compare the automatic sensor tap price and get the one that you love the most for your workplace basin. It should also match with the interiors of the place.   

  1. Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

Rather than holding the lock or handle to push and pull the door you may install some automatic door locks for the relevant purposes. They are far better than the mechanical locks and keys.

 You don’t need to search for the keys in your bag or pocket everytime you want to open the door. The locks are electromagnetic and have electronic deadbolts and latches that are usually battery operated. 

The contactless employee check-ins through their smartphones or using an RFID card to open the door is highly preferable. The card has a magnetic chip that detects it with the help of a sensor present on the lock and the door opens without touching.          

  1. Automatic Dispensers    

Automatic Dispensers

Installing automatic soap dispensers in the washrooms near the sensor tap or on the wall and mounting an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser near the main door as well as at certain places inside the work premises is also necessary. 

As it will be a touchless product you won’t require any extra effort to take out the liquid or gel from the dispenser. Even there are some two in one dispensers available which will provide you the relief to use whatever you want. 

The automatic dispenser price and sensor tap price in India can be compared from different stores and you can get it from the most desired places from where you get the best price. 

The in-built infrared sensor and automatic features of the dispensers will increase safety at your workplace.  

Benefits of Touchless Technologies

All these touchfree technologies are essential as well as safe in this modern era. Using it at the right place and prioritizing safety at the workplace will provide you a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits of the contactless automations. 

They are Effortless

The products and devices are touchfree and give you an effortless experience. To use the device you just need to follow some gestures and motions and you can access the device easily. The products are usually operated by batteries and some on electricity that gives it a quick and easy operation.  

They are Time saver and Energy-efficient

All the modern products are time saver and energy efficient as they don’t take much time to turn on and off. Either its a sensor tap or an automatic soap dispenser you just need to put your hands below it and it will detect the hand providing you with the right amount of gel and water whenever you use it. 

They are Human-friendly

Every modern product is human-friendly as they are made keeping in mind the comfort and sensitivity of humans. 

Some of them have fingerprint sensors and some may open with a four digit passcode. The only thing is that you need to pick the devices wisely for your workplace and even home. 

Using all these touchless technologies for your workplace will increase optimum safety for people working there and visiting there. 

They are most important to use in heavy duty industries and factories as well as pharma industries and food processing units where keeping safety and maintaining cleanliness is mandatory.    


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