23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

Web design is an important element of your website. If you are not having a proper design, then you are going to lose a huge number of potential customers. It is important for a business to have a website that is having a flawless design, smooth navigation, and it should be scalable on different devices.

As we have stepped in 2020, if you are wondering about the trends in web design, then the following blog is going to tell you all the important stuff. It is interesting to note that the web design trends that we are going to see this year are the combination of the visual side of graphic design and the high-tech side of the evolving technology. You will see different things adopted by the people in the industry once you start your research. It is really impressive to see that the modern web design is evolving but it is keeping the website functional and clutter-free.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the latest web design trends 2021 that you should follow to make your website stand out:

1- Minimalistic Website-Maxi Typography

The minimalist trend within web design has been popular for many years now! But fortunately, this still looks classy and modern. Designers are doing their best to remove unnecessary details and decorations. But as compared to the previous years, website designers are using maxi typography for making a strong statement.


2-Combination of Photos and Illustration

One of the top new trending web design trends 2020 in our list is the combination of photos with a simple hand-drawn 2D illustration. Yes, you heard it right! You will see this on many websites. According to this trend, illustrations will replace some parts of the photos or will interact with them creating a fun mixture of two realities.

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

3-Black and White-Universal Design

Black and white are the perfect fit for each other. This combination is classy, always in trends, and it is evergreen. You will see them in every design. So again this year, we are going to see the black and white websites. By following this trend, the website owner will get a minimal look that will contain line art elements and maxi typography.

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

4-Patterns in Web Design

Patterns are going to make a comeback in 2020. They are refreshing and provide diversity without any doubt. Note that other than covering the background, the patterns that will spread only on the separated parts of the background will be trending in 2020. This is going to create a modern and hot design look for your website.

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

5-Retro Style is Trending

Want to experience a blast from the past? If yes, then you will be happy to hear that modern retro website design is trending. The style from the 50s and 60s are a huge inspiration for most of the website designers. It is interesting to note that the effects that will be reminiscent of retro such as noise, dust, white and black, and dull color. We are going to see this all in the web design trends of 2020.

Source: harvardfilmarchive.org

6-Line Art for Simple & Creative Websites

Without any doubt, line art is a hit now in all fields of graphic design. This has made his way into web design as well. Websites that are having line art illustrations provide a more professional, creative, and clean look. People are going to see this a lot in 2020.

Source: lemonade.com

7-Illustrations Everywhere

Different styles of illustrations on web design are one of the hottest trends in 2020. Illustration design websites are liked by the users and we are going to see amazing artwork starting from watercolor and pastel to the weird and modern art. This will include charters without facial features and characters with disproportionate bodies, and much more.

Source: ekopatrioci.pl

8-Impressive 3D Elements and Motion Effects

3d has now become an important part of graphic and web design nowadays. The level of realism and depth we get here is unmatchable as compared to other digital technology. So, in 2020, we are also going to see many 3D design websites that will be animated, static, or interactive.

  • Interactive 3D Effect

Motion is going to be more engaging in 2020. Web designers are definitely going to surprise us with the interactive 3D effects that will force the users to spend more time on the websites.

Source: lusion.co

  • Static 3D Graphics

The static 3D model is going to impress us with smooth shapes, mesmerizing colors, and realistic looks. A designer will usually keep all other elements at minimal scale so that the overall design looks clean, modern, and well-balanced.

Source: stuart.com

9-Innovations for Web Design in 2020

As mentioned in the start, technology is also going to impact web design. Below are the two innovations that will be trending in 2020:

  • Voice Assistants

In simple words, it is the ability to have a conversation with the devices. It is possible all due to AI and voice user technology. In the future, we are going to see a rapid rise in the usage of automated assistants on the website that is going to use the voice user interface technology. Thinking about having a conversation with the website that you are going to visit is really exciting. With this, it will be easy for people having disabilities to interact with the websites in a better way.

Source: medium.com

  • Chatbots

Websites that you are going to see in 2020 will be more conventional, all thanks to the chatbots. Chatbots will be available for the users 24/7 to answer their most frequently asked questions and will be guiding the users about the website. Furthermore, this advanced AI technology will be keeping chatbots more adequate. For the integration of any of these technologies on your website, you should get in touch with the professional web design company for the right guidance.


10-Dark Mode Can’t Be Ignored

Dark mode web design not only looks ultra-modern but it is also easy on the eyes. This makes the color and design element to be more appealing. Sometimes, visually stunning websites trends are having practical beginnings. Dark themes work best for the OLED Screens as it will be saving power and it will also extend screen lifespans. Moreover, the dark ground will be improving the visiting of other accent colors to create a truly dynamic design.


11-Soft Shadows, Floating Elements, and Layers

This trend focuses on creating depths just like the 3D effect as discussed above but with one change. Note that the floating elements and soft shadows are going to add interest and depth to the design. It will be giving a 3D look to a web page. Remember that this is not just graphics, this effect can be used with photos and text. To have this for your website, get in touch with the professional website designers of TopNotch Innovative Technologies.

12-Hand-made Illustrations

Imperfect hand-drawn web design elements are going to add emotions and humanity to the websites. This will allow the user to interact in a better way after seeing perfected yet impersonal graphics that are going to dominate in web designing in 2020. This hand-drawn realness is going to give the heart and soul to the designs that will be appealing for the visitors. Unique and stylized hand-drawn icons along with other elements will show off your brand personality and this will help a business to stand out from the competition.

13-Glowing Color Schemes

Want to give your website a futuristic look? If your answer is yes, then a glowing color scheme is best for you. In 2020, you are going to see the gorgeous pairing of the color that will be strategically used to make your design look more attractive. It is important to note that web design is becoming bold, using glow in the dark neon, and high saturated colors in combination with dark shades will give the design a luminous feel. The Duotone web design is going to make this trend more appealing. It is interesting to note that Duotone will keep reinventing itself for maintaining its place in the web design universe.

14-Bold Fonts

Wondering, what is the best font for web design? If you visit the websites of the industry leaders, you will notice the headlines are not imagery. This will be the first thing that will grab your attention. Hero headlines are not a new trend, the interesting thing here is the way those headlines are designed to make them appealing. You might have noticed that most of the headlines are designed using bold fonts. Heavy fonts will put more visual weight to the message and they will direct the reader where they should look first when looking at the website.


In terms of aesthetics, the bold fonts for headers give your website a contemporary and modern feel. Remember one thing that too much bold typography can be overwhelming when there is a lot of text to read. Don’t forget about the contrast as well because a heavy font will have more impact when it is contrasted against the neutral background.

15-White Space

Full bleed layouts have been trending for some time. Now designers are more inclined toward the solid structures and they are laying with different ways of using the white space for giving their design more structure. This is going to make use of clean framing for giving the design stability. In 2020, we are going to see wide frames of white space that will be giving web design a solid structure. By giving every element a good amount of space, framing will create a good foundation for visuals to shine out on your website. In this way, you can create a sense of order, separate all the different parts of the page, and help in prioritizing.

16-Geometric Shapes

These are simple but powerful assets that will enable the designer to create more appealing visual compositions. Usually, the geometric shapes are used for creating a visual divider between the sections. In 2019, the designer started to figure out the ways for using geometric shapes. Many product teams are using geometric shapes for conveying the specific feel. This trend works well with other visual design trends that include bold fonts and gradient design trends.

17-Minimalistic Navigation

Due to the rise of wearable devices like smartwatches, web design is getting smaller. During the last few years, the navigation is getting simpler and simpler for accommodating extremely small devices with even small attention spans. Extreme minimal navigation removes all the difficulty in usability. When a user will have to think less when moving on the website, there is more chance that he will be spending more time on the website. With easy navigation, we have to facilitate our users by allowing them to browse across the website easily. Furthermore, imagery is also very important. The large-scale videos and photos are your chance for impressing users with minimum text.

18-Emotional Designs

Design is a way to communicate with your audience. When we are thinking about communication, we are thinking about receiving and delivering the information. But sometimes, one aspect that is missed in communication is emotion. Nowadays, companies are more focused on having an emotional web design that is having an emotional impact. Designers have different tools that will help them to create emotional interactions.

19-Data Visualization

Humans are visual creatures. It is easy for most people to understand the information when provided visually as compared to text. It is interesting to note that data visualization is becoming a very essential tool for creating visually engaging stories. The stories will help you to grab the attention of your audience and help the audience to learn more about the brand.

20-Scroll-Generated Websites

Modern technologies are helping us to create a better web experience. This will allow us to create an immersive visual journey for the users. The scroll-generated website will be tracking the user’s progress as they will be scrolling the age and this will show contextually relevant information. These websites are using the power of motion and animation effects for capturing user attention and will be introducing dynamism in the user interface. These effects will be adding additional layers of meaning to the existing content and this makes it more memorable for the visitors on the website.

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

21-Hero Video Headers

Just show, don’t tell is one of the principles for good web design. In the past, web designers have been using static imagery for conveying the idea but now the rules are changed. So, websites are using small video clips on their homepage. We have seen that video is good for making the engagement better. Due to the videos, users are more convinced to spend more time on a website. Video clips that are used in a hero section can be of a few seconds to a full-length preview clip with audio.

22-Better Personalization

The approach behind the one-size-fits-all is no more working in 2020. Brands are looking for ways to make the user experience better and better. They are trying hard to provide them with a personalized experience. For instance, SoundCloud is having a music service that pays attention to the preference of the user and suggests the music that they like by keeping a track of songs played and listened to by an individual.

23 Web Design Trends That You Should Follow in 2021

23-Design Systems

Modern product design is all about quality and speed. The product team should be moving fast without losing quality. In 2020, teams are more focused on integrating a systematic approach to the design. Note that the web design systems are not web trends but it is still having an impact on the web design. With the design systems, product teams can minimize repetitive work and they can achieve consistency among all the platforms they are going to design for. 


These were the 23 web design trends that you are going to see in 2020. If you feel that your website needs to be updated and your business website needs responsive web design, then contact experienced website designers of TopNotch Innovative Technologies. The experts will be analyzing your business and will design the website accordingly with the integration of the latest technologies to keep you ahead in your competition.

What are you waiting for? Call us at (888) 355-8880 to hire the pro web designer right now!

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