10 things your competitors can teach you about website design

10 things your competitors can teach you about website design

Web designers and web development businesses have risen in number as a result of the surge in online marketing, in order to fulfill the rising demand for web and web design services. Web designers and web development businesses have grown in number as demand for site design and web management software has soared. As a result, rivalry becomes increasingly difficult. In today’s culture, it is easy to identify someone who is better than you. Competition, on the other hand, should not be regarded as a risk in and of itself. Over the last decade, the internet marketing community has exploded. This fast development has resulted in new opportunities and increased rivalry. Learning a few things about website design from your rivals may help you enhance your own site and possibly even surpass it.


  1. Home page

The homepage of a website is the first page that a visitor sees when accessing it using an online search engine. It comprises items that the firm wishes to present in a certain way and in a specified way. Your competitor’s homepage may educate you how to attract and appeal to the correct consumer segments as soon as they arrive on yours. Examine how your competitors have used images, text, and design to discover how you might incorporate these elements into your own. The homepage welcomes visitors and gives them an overview of your website. 

2. Graphics

In web design, graphics are really essential. A website with uninteresting visuals is dull and unappealing to visitors. Examine your competitors’ websites to discover how their inventiveness might breathe fresh life into yours.

3. Layout

Another essential aspect of web design that web designers must pay close attention to is layout. It can affect visitors reactions and actions, thus it should be nice. A poorly designed layout has a negative impact on viewers and visitors. When you visit a competitor’s website, take careful notice of the whole experience. Because this is a commercial website, visitors will be able to view the major parts of the site simply and fast if the elements are clean and clutter-free. While your website design should draw influence from your rivals, it must also stand out as unique. You may check over their site to see what makes yours distinctive, as well as to see if there’s anything important missing from yours. Advertising boxes, pictures, product debuts, or customized content options are all possibilities.

4. Color Scheme

Color variant selection is a crucial undertaking since it must be done with the target audience in mind. Colors should not be both piercing and dull to the sight. It should appeal to visitors by being attractive, pleasant, and enticing. A closer examination of how other businesses have employed color variations on their websites is required. Is their color scheme consistent throughout all of their online and offline assets, including logos, website design, social media profiles, and blogs? 

5. Use of Social Media

Social media connectedness is critical for attracting new consumers and expanding your business. The latest design trends include including social networking icons on a website that allow users to effortlessly connect with their social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. E-commerce and custom website designs that are accessible on the Internet always include social networking buttons.

As social media has grown in prominence, it has become an integral element of every design. It’s vital to keep your web design up to date with current trends, thus virtually every web design today contains social media buttons on their layout that are linked to individual accounts. You must look for social networking links on your competitor’s website. You must determine whether they are linked to any active accounts. These buttons may be placed on your website to attract visitors to your social media pages and aid in the development of a brand community.

6. Mobile adaptability

The appearance of a website varies depending on whether it is viewed on a desktop or a mobile device. If you discover that your competitor’s website does not have a mobile version, it just indicates that it is out of date – and that you have the upper hand. Mobile phones are currently being used by audiences for the sake of convenience. The objective is to stay in contact with the audience at all times. Improve your site’s responsiveness to many platforms.

7. Branding

In today’s congested market, having a strong brand is essential for getting a competitive edge. Your company’s online identity is what makes it memorable. Examine how your competitors have enticed their audience with color. Are the colors combining in a pleasing way? You may also use those colors on your website to play around with.

8. Keywords

Organic search results emerge when a user puts a phrase into a search engine. If your competitor’s research is thorough enough, they will be able to determine which terms have the least competition and the most searches. Examine the URLs, image tags, text, headers, and descriptions to see whether they are correct. Examine which keywords are most successful for your target demographic. It is critical that you stay ahead of them; if you are not, have a look at what they are doing and the phrases they are using to see how you might improve your site’s ranking. It is crucial to note, though, that when your site is brand new, Google may take some time to notice it, so be patient.

9. Products

Get a feel of the items or services they are selling and how they are describing them like digital marketing agency in Cairo describes their products. This might assist you in finding a strategy to stand out and define what makes your website distinctive.

10. Content posting

Examine how frequently they update their material. This might help you figure out how frequently you should publish and what times of day are best for you. It’s also worthwhile to sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media to observe how and where they disseminate this information. While your rivals may be a source of competition, they may also be a source of learning. You can utilize what they do well and what they do not do well to create and expand your own website, ensuring that your content and strategy are on target and on track for success.


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