10 best beaches to visit in Thailand- let's take a dip in dark waters!!

10 best beaches to visit in Thailand- let’s take a dip in dark waters!!

Has work been hectic nowadays? Do you want to enjoy a hearty vacation soaking in the sun? Thailand seems to fit right into your desires; the beautiful beaches and dark blue waters allure every tourist to take a dip, snorkel, or simply lounge on the coast, but also stay near the scenic beauty. We have made a list of the 10 best beaches to visit in Thailand; scroll down and pick the one that fits right into your mood and schedule.

  1. Railay Beach

Railay beach is like a holiday package, and the soft white sand on the beach is only one portion of the experience. This beach is enveloped by hills and caves, limestone monoliths, forest terrains and lagoon-like swimming areas. 

Various tinier beaches make up Railay Beach, and all are within the vicinity. This span of the shore is excellent for stirring conventional coast time with some research around the isle.  

The imperial Railay Beach, one of the prime interests in Thailand, is only accessible by longtail boat since it settles on a tiny arm, but it is well worth the endeavour to get here. 

Kata Noi Beach

2. Phra nang Cave Beach

This beach is known for outcroppings of ridges that are prominent for rock ascent; the trivial water of this coast makes it an amazing stop for visitors and families eyeing stabler waters to swim in. There can be a lot of crowds at times, but it is one of the most unusual beaches to visit  on your Thailand packages.


Short roads near the beach take you through caves and showcase the area’s terrain. Try some fresh fruit from an afloat seller to calm down in the heat. 

Kata Noi Beach

3.Maya Bay

The aerial picture of the beach makes it easy to discern why this area was employed as the background for the Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The Beach’. The vertical cliffs that encircle the water make it feel like personal heaven, even though it is inclined to be flocked with tourists and longtail boats when you go. 

Before the bay is a huge reef, you will glimpse a lot of equatorial fish; snorkelling is one of the prominent aspects to do here. The nicest time to tour is during the elevated tourist season from November to April, when blues are steady. 

Kata Noi Beach

4.Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach has equally appealing waters, with an intense prominent expanse of water massive for swimming and sports. If you are peeping for a rest for a few days on the coast, the regional luxuries give you all the desires and, so you won’t have too much distance from the sand, if at all. The northern end of Lamai Beach has trivial waters and bumpy settings. Nonetheless, the peaceful, simple essence of the sea makes it excellent for families with minor children. 

Many sellers stroll the beach selling ice cream, fruit, barbecued sweet corn or chicken and Thai papaya salad, cold beverages, jewellery, sarongs, and shore sports. Like in the remainder of Samui, the coast sellers are respectful and not too tenacious and bid valuable assistance rather than irritations.

5.Pattaya Beach

It is a famous visitor beach on Thailand’s Gulf shore. The greatly significant characteristic is the hillside temple that stands above the sand. The region that was previously a fishing village is now renovated with hotels and shopping. 

Like other coasts near Bangkok, Pattaya Beach can be a bit packed at moments but ideal if you appreciate walking the crescent coastline or alley region. The decent period to tour Pattaya Beach is March through May when the climate is commonly nice, but also there are limited visitors.

Kata Noi Beach

6.Sairee Beach

Kata Noi Beach

This beach is the lengthiest span of sand on the extraordinary island of Koh Tao, also occasionally cited as Turtle Island. Sairee Beach, which is placed on the isle’s west side, is famous among snorkelers and scuba divers. Although this is a fairly low-key region, however, it shows off various clubs and pubs. You can enter the wonderful island of Koh Tao either by air or ferry assistance.

7.Maenam Beach

It has more than four leagues of silky white sand dribbled by quiet surf and an arrangement of high-end resorts; it assures the beach is maintained in tip-top shape; discovering a fairly personal piece of the beach isn’t too tough. The soft area also affords cloud-topped impressions of Koh Phangan to the north, all appreciated under the colour of an umbrella or coconut tree.

Maenam Beach may be outstanding among families and backpackers, but it’s nonetheless an extent eliminated from Samui’s advertised spots making it one of the nicest Thailand beaches. 

8.Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

The two-resort community is frequently heeded as out of the means, so those who do venture out are awarded low sands that are all their own. The northern edge of this Thai beach is prominent with the surfing bundle, particularly during the monsoon season. 

While you’re in the region, seize a five-minute hustle to Kata Viewpoint for the dramatic sight that encompasses Kata, Kata Noi, and Karon Bay.

9.Nai Harn Beach

The beach is one of the most prominent beaches because of its compatible environment and temperature circumstances that make it acceptable to visit all year round. Close diners and regional food dealers make it convenient to keep up a full day at the coast. Various inns like the Navatara Phuket Resort, The Nai Harn, and Sunsuri Phuket are within walking length of the beach.

Found in Phuket, the beach is recognised for crystal clear water, white sand, and surges that are not overbearing when paddling.

10.Haad Rin

The stretch of white sand and blue water enclosed by coconut trees and hills render it a beautiful beach day. This beach is commonly an effective scene, with voluntary tournaments of volleyball, people paddling, and vacationers celebrating water recreations like jet skiing and kayaking.

Haad Rin Beach is one of the outstanding beaches out of the almost 30 coasts on the tiny island of Koh Phangan. The decent period to tour is outer monthly full-moon incidents when the region can get relatively bunched with youthful beach-goers.

That’s all on our list of the 10 best beaches to visit in Thailand. Wishing you’ve picked the right sandy breakout for your category of the holiday! Thailand is constantly a sensational destination for a honeymoon or a fun-filled excursion with pals. So, when are you going on an excursion to Thailand? But before you do, don’t forget to check out our Thailand packages at the Pickyourtrail website.

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