All You Need To Know About Buying Shower Screens

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A bathroom is a place where people relax and wash away their worries of the day. In such cases, the appearance of a bathroom is just as essential as its usefulness. While there are various choices available to decorate your bathroom, nothing beats the timeless elegance of shower screens.

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, you can have your own choice options, starting from coloring walls to an eye-catching hardware finish. Installing a glass shower screen in your bathroom can give your bathroom a feeling of modernism, elegance, and cleanliness. 

Shower screens essentially divide your bathing area from the remaining bathroom area with glass panels. You can not only keep water from getting everywhere when taking a shower, but it is a more permanent fixture than a shower curtain. It is all about comfort, privacy, and proofing the rest of the bathroom from splashing the water on it. 

There are different types of shower screens for your bathroom. They differ in shape and shape, and when buying one, you must choose one according to your needs. 

Five types of different shower screens 

1.Straight: A single panel covers the edge of a straight bath. 

2.Curve: P-shaped or curved bath screen, with a curved panel on top.

3.Sliding: Taking up just about the size of the bath, this panel can be slid back to about half its length once it has been extended. 

4.L- Shape: To create a neat enclosure that hangs neatly over the edge of an L-shaped bath, this straight panel has a short, perpendicular panel at the other end. 

5.Folding: An articulating panel that can be folded inwards or outwards using hinges at either end. 

 Check out our shower enclosure guide for a set of tips on how to choose the proper shower enclosure for your bathroom. Shower doors and panels are sometimes called shower screens.  

 Which shower screen fits your bathroom?

 Shower screens come ranging from curved and geometric forms to those people who like eye-catching designs. To help you buy the best design shower screens for your bathroom, here are some vital facts to consider-

 Check the shapes- Keeping in mind your bath’s shape and how you use your bathroom, your bath shower screens should follow those guidelines. 

 Select perfect finishing  

You can choose from various styles when shopping for bath shower screens, so you can create a bathroom that matches your overall design scheme.

 Transparent screen 

The most common form of bath shower glass barrier is a transparent panel of glass. As a beautiful solution for traditional and modern bathrooms, the transparent design is an excellent solution for both.  

 Frosted screen 

Frosted bath shower screens are translucent, so they are not entirely opaque, yet enough light passes through to allow for ambient illumination. It is an excellent solution for those looking for an airy feel for those wanting a bit of privacy in their bath shower. 

 Fitting of the screen 

You may be able to install bath shower screens yourself if you have basic DIY skills. You get an instruction guide when you purchase the perfect panel for your bathroom. As well as a drill, caulking gun, silicone, and spirit level, you’ll need a screwdriver and hammer. 


At the end of the day, upgrading your shower screens will be one of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a budget-friendly facelift. With shower screens, you can give your bathroom a whole new appearance. Make sure you read this article a couple of times to have a decent sense of which one will best fit your requirements.


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